US Treasury Report Warns of Defi’s Threat to National Security, Authors Conclude Fiat Is Used in Illicit Finance More Than Crypto

USA. Treasury has released a 42-page report assessing the risks of decentralized finance (defi). The report states that specific nation-state adversaries, cybercriminals, ransomware attackers, thieves, and scammers are using defi totransfer and launder their illicit proceeds.The Treasury’s report

Rogue Validator Exploits MEV Bots on Ethereum, Resulting in $25.3M in Crypto Losses

I april 3, 2023, at Ethereum block height 16,964,664, a group of MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) bots were exploited for $25.3 miljon. An analysis of the exploit revealed that a renegade validator switched the MEV botstransactions and seized various crypto

Coinbase Tries AI Assistant Chatgpt for Pre-Listing Risk Assessment of Tokens

Crypto exchange Coinbase has tested Openai’s Chatgpt as a token verification tool comparing it with its standard security procedure. In over half of the cases, the AI platform produced the same results as the manual review, but it also failed to

USDC Stablecoin Nears Parity With USD After Fed’s Bailout Announcement

The stablecoin USDC has nearly regained parity with the U.S. dollar after rising just above $0.99 on March 12, 2023, på 7:20 kl. Eastern Time. The stablecoin jumped back to the $0.99 range after the U.S. Federal Reserve revealed it would

IMF Report on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption: Risks Averted, but Transparency Needed

According to a recent mission statement published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), El Salvador has adopted bitcoin as legal tender and has avoided risks so far. The IMF states that the risks have not materialized due to the limited use

ECB:s Lagarde, Panetta Se digital euro som effektivare betalningsmedel än krypto

Obackade kryptovalutor är inte ett effektivt betalningsmedel och stablecoins är sårbara för körningar, topptjänstemän vid Europeiska centralbanken har påpekat i en ny artikel som talar för en digital euro. The executives have marked key

Ledande östeuropeiska börs Exmo säljer verksamhet i Ryssland, Belarus

Excellens, en U.K.-baserad kryptobörs med omfattande närvaro i Östeuropa, drar sig ur Ryssland, Vitryssland och Kazakstan. Handelsplattformen,, säger det’s making the move to avoid jeopardizing its expansion in other regions by operating in high-risk markets

Bank of Spain varnar för risken för utökad användning av oreglerade kryptovalutor i landet

The deputy governor of the Bank of Spain, Margarita Delgado, gave her opinion about cryptocurrencies and how they are increasing the risks in todays economy. At an event hosted by PWC calledA climate of change,” Delgado explained that the continued

Putin varnar för risker för kryptovalutor, Erkänner att de kan ha en framtid

Russian President Vladimir Putin has again spoken about cryptocurrencies, noting thehigh risksassociated with the virtual assets. i alla fall, the Russian leader has also acknowledged that digital currencies may have a future and its necessary to follow their development. Ryssland’s Putin