Russian Companies ‘Actively’ Using Crypto, Russia to Adopt 4 Relevant Laws, Official Says

Russian lawmakers intend to soon approve four bills designed to regulate various aspects of cryptocurrencies, a high-ranking member of the Russian parliament announced. Under tiden, Russian companies are already using digital assets in cross-border settlements, the official noted. Russian Legislature to Vote

P2P Bitcoin Exchange Paxful stänger av marknadsplatsen med osäkerhet om avkastning

Enligt ett meddelande från Paxfuls grundare och VD, Ray Youssef, peer-to-peer bitcoin-handelsplattformen stoppar sin marknadsplats, och företaget är osäkert om det kommer tillbaka. Youssef nämnde utmaningar som regelverk och några viktiga personalavgångar, men…

Skatteförmåner för Bitcoin-företag i Vitryssland förlängs till 2025

Skattebefrielser för företag och individer som lagligen arbetar med kryptovalutor i Vitryssland kommer att finnas kvar till januari. 1, 2025. Ett nytt presidentdekret förlänger de skattesänkningar som införts i 2018 när den verkställande makten i Minsk legaliserade kryptoverksamhet som t.ex…

Investment Fund Focused on Crypto Mining to Be Created in Russia

The establishment of Russia’s first mutual investment fund dedicated to financing cryptocurrency mining operations is underway. According to a report by the Russian press, it will be available to qualified investors and will finance the acquisition of coin minting equipment. Russian

Britain Announces Plans for ‘Robust’ Crypto Rules, Launches Consultation

The U.K. has unveiled “ambitious plans” to “robustly regulate” various crypto activities, while seeking to protect customers and grow its economy. In the next three months, British authorities will accept public feedback on the new regulatory proposals designed to govern digital

Crypto Association in Turkey Vows to Block Exchanges That ‘Victimize Traders’

A new organization has been established in Turkey with the aim to monitor and help develop the country’s crypto sector, rapporterade lokala medier. Its first task will be to address recent problems with some cryptocurrency exchanges and boost confidence in the

As the Fed Turns 109 Years Old, the US Dollar’s Purchasing Power Eroded by More Than 96% Since It Was Created

109 years ago, USA. Federal Reserve was created and ever since that day, the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has dropped a great deal. Since the Fed started, mer än 96% of the greenbacks purchasing power has been erased

Coinbase Secures Regulatory Approval to Operate as a Virtual Asset Service Provider in Ireland

Coinbase has announced it has secured regulatory approval as a virtual asset service provider (VASP) in Ireland, according to a company blog post published on Dec. 21. According to the company, Coinbase has been approved by Ireland’s central bank which means

Forskning visar att centraliserade utbyten fick flest besök i år från amerikaner, koreaner, ryssar

Residents of the United States, South Korea and the Russian Federation have been the most frequent users of centralized exchanges this year, according to a new study. The finding comes after the spectacular crash of FTX, one of the largest such

Fullständigt förbud mot krypto i Ryssland skulle vara kontraproduktivt, Rosfinmonitoring säger

Russian citizens and businesses already own cryptocurrencies, which is why a complete crypto ban would be counterproductive, according to a top executive of Rosfinmonitoring, Russia’s financial intelligence agency. På samma gång, the regulator supports prohibiting payments with digital coins and