Rollkit Developers Leverage Bitcoin for Sovereign Rollups, Sparking Criticism from Ethereum Proponents

The Rollkit development team has announced that Bitcoin has been integrated as a means for sovereign rollups to store and retrieve data. The developers have stated that it is now possible to run the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on Bitcoin as

Populariteten för kryptoinvesteringar motiverar förordningar, Australian Securities Watchdog säger

Höga andelar av kryptoägande, med köp som ofta görs på råd från Youtube och Facebook, göra “ett starkt argument för reglering,” enligt Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The watchdog backs its stance with poll results showing nearly half of

Innehållsprenumerationstjänst Onlyfans lägger till Ethereum-baserad NFT-profilfunktion

The internet content subscription service Onlyfans has announced the launch of a feature that leverages non-fungible token (NFT) teknologi. The newly-added feature, introduced on Thursday, gives Onlyfans members the ability to display authenticated NFTs as their profile pictures. Onlyfans Steps Into