Moody's States inflation påverkar den ekonomiska återhämtningen i en del av Latam

Lynnig’s, kreditvärderingsinstitutet för tillgångar, har varnat för att den höga inflationstakten som vissa länder står inför i Latam kommer att påverka den ekonomiska återhämtningen i regionen. Brasilien, Chile, and Mexico are said to be the countries more affected by

Rapportera: Bank of Spain Worried About Inflation and Its Consequences in Latam

The Bank of Spain has issued a new report about the performance of Latam economies during the first six months of the year. The document states that the current inflationary development that several countries of the region have can lead to

Binance Gets VASP License From the Bank of Spain

Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges worldwide, has secured a license from the Bank of Spain that will let the exchange operate in compliance with the local laws. This certification means that the exchange is currently complying with its AML/KYC

Guvernör för Bank of Spain: Kryptomarknader är "större än subprime-inteckningar före finansmarknadskrisen"

Pablo Hernandez de Cos, governor of the Bank of Spain, has again warned about cryptocurrencies and the growth that the crypto market is experiencing. Hernandes de Cos stated that, while the market is still relatively small at a worldwide level, de…

Bank of Spain Report Warns About Cryptocurrency Usage and Its Effect on Financial Stability

The Bank of Spain has issued a new report that touches on the subject of the popularity of cryptocurrency usage and the possible effects it might have on the financial stability of the nation. In the document, the bank explains that

Bank of Spain påminner om offentliga köp av kryptovaluta kan blockeras i vissa fall

The Spanish central bank, Bank of Spain, has warned users about certain actions banks can take if they detect cryptocurrency purchases. In a post published on its web page, the institution explains that traditional banks have the ability to block these

Bank of Spain varnar för risken för utökad användning av oreglerade kryptovalutor i landet

The deputy governor of the Bank of Spain, Margarita Delgado, gave her opinion about cryptocurrencies and how they are increasing the risks in todays economy. At an event hosted by PWC calledA climate of change,” Delgado explained that the continued

Bank of Spain öppnar obligatoriskt register för VASP:er

The Bank Of Spain has finally opened the mandatory registry for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP:er) in the country. The bank also dispelled doubts that financial institutions had regarding whether they had to apply for the registry given they already comply