Axie Infinity’s Monthly Player Count Drops to Low Not Seen Since November 2020

After recording $4.26 billion in total non-fungible token (NFT) Ventas, the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity’s monthly player count has dropped to levels not seen since November 2020, a period of 26 meses. Despite the low player count, the project’s native token,…

Combined Transactions on Arbitrum and Optimism L2 Chains Outpace Ethereum’s Daily Transfer Count

Since The Merge, Etéreo’s onchain fees have been considerably lower. Sin embargo, combined transaction volume on layer two (L2) chains Arbitrum and Optimism has outpaced Ethereums onchain transaction output. En sábado, Jan. 14, 2023, Ethereum processed 1.10 million onchain transactions, while combined

Bitcoin Miners Face a Squeeze as BTC Production Cost Remains Well Above Spot Market Value

Bitcoin miners are dealing with lots of pressure following the recent difficulty adjustment increase on Nov. 20, 2022, and the leading crypto asset dropping further in value against the U.S. dollar following FTXs collapse. Statistics recorded this past weekend show that

La tarifa promedio de gas Ethereum salta a $20 por Transferencia, Las tarifas L2 siguen el aumento

Si bien las tarifas de la red Ethereum para transferir datos se redujeron significativamente en los últimos tiempos, tocando un bajo de $5.98 por transacción a mediados de marzo, Las tarifas de gas están aumentando una vez más en la segunda red de criptomonedas más grande en términos de valoración de mercado. El domingo, April 3,