Chatgpt ‘Is the New Crypto,’ Meta Says Malware Actors Exploit AI Craze

A growing number of malware creators are now taking advantage of the significant interest in Chatgpt to lure victims, Facebook owner Meta has noticed. According to its head of information security, the AI-based chatbot is “the new crypto” for bad actors

Gold Bug Schiff Says ‘The Months of Declining Inflation Are in the Review Mirror,’ AI Crypto Assets Surge, y más: resumen de la semana

Economist and gold enthusiast Peter Schiff has said that the U.S. Fed may have to fight acomplete economic collapseand be faced with more to worry about than the current battle against inflation. En otras noticias, artificial intelligence (AI) crypto

Microsoft Reportedly Shutting Down Industrial Metaverse Focused Group

Software giant Microsoft is shutting down one of its most significant groups dedicated to the development and promotion of the industrial metaverse. Según informes, the company terminated its whole Industrial Metaverse Core group, which was composed of 100 employees, como…

Kenyan AI and Blockchain Startup Receives Investment From Swiss VC Firm

Fastagger Inc, an artificial intelligence and blockchain startup from Kenya, recently revealed that it had received an investment from the Swizterland-based blockchain investor CVVC. Mutembei Kariuki, said the investment will be used to fund the further develop Fastagger’scutting-edge technology expertise”…

Los tokens de Metaverse superan a los principales criptoactivos en 2023 Con MANA de Decentraland a la cabeza

Durante el primer mes de 2023, las dos principales criptomonedas, bitcoin y ethereum, experimentó ganancias de dos dígitos frente a EE.UU.. dólar. Mientras tanto, varias criptomonedas alternativas experimentaron aumentos de valor aún mayores, con tokens de metaverso como Decentraland’s MANA y el Sandbox’ARENA…

Inteligencia artificial y criptomonedas: El auge de los proyectos centrados en la IA en 2023

Las tendencias muestran que la inteligencia artificial (AI) será un tema importante en 2023, ya que los datos indican un aumento en el interés. Desde que el interés alcanzó su punto máximo y Microsoft invirtió miles de millones en Chatgpt, La demanda de proyectos de criptomonedas centrados en la IA ha aumentado drásticamente.. Por ejemplo, the crypto

Nvidia Projects Automotive Industry to Include Metaverse Tech in Its Operations in 2023

Nvidia, a graphics processing unit and artificial intelligence (AI) empresa, believes that 2023 could mark the start of a metaverse-driven age in the automotive industry. As part of this new conception, automotive companies will start to include metaverse tech and implement

Big Four Company EY Takes Wavespace Utility to the Metaverse

EY, one of thebig fouraccounting companies, is taking part of its software suite into the metaverse. EY wavespace, a utility that lets customers join meetings with EY personnel from several places around the world, will now include immersive experiences,…