La expansión estratégica de LBank Labs en la ciudad financiera de Casablanca en Marruecos: Un movimiento visionario con beneficios mejorados para los empleados y asociaciones globales

PRESIONE SOLTAR. In the challenging global financial climate of 2023, LBank Labs, a $100 million fund and Fund of Funds, has made a strategic move by establishing its presence in Morocco. This decision, led by El Bachir Essamari and robustly supported

ATPBot Launched a Real AI Quantitative Trading Bot

PRESIONE SOLTAR. Recientemente, ATPBot, the first truly quantitative trading bot, announced that it can now connect to the Binance API for trading, providing users with more opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies. By registering ATPBot, connect to Binance Exchange, enter your investment amount

Golden Gate (GGX) Developer Insights and Novel DeFi

PRESIONE SOLTAR. Golden Gate (GGX) is a novel interchain infrastructure protocol that eliminates Layer 0 communication friction by delivering protocol-agnostic communications and more secure liquidity transfer. Golden Gate mediates interchain communication via the Incentivized Message Delivery Protocol (IMDP), which uses a

SAI․TECH’s SAITIME 2023 Will Unveil Revolutionary Products for Mining and Computing Industry

PRESIONE SOLTAR. SINGAPORESAI.TECH Global Corporation, a clean-tech company specializing in Bitcoin mining, heating, and power industry, hosted its virtual corporate annual conference, SAITIME 2023 on April 20th at 08:30 EST. The virtual conference was hosted by founder & CEO

The Rapid Rise of IXFI Exchange – Now the World’s Biggest Buy Crypto Platform

PRESIONE SOLTAR. Zurich, Switzerland, April 1st, 2023 – Since its launch at the end of 2021 by founders Cristian Andrei, Shailesh Rajput, and Alexandru Badoi, IXFI has attracted nearly 9 million unique visitors and over 350,000 active platform users. The IXFI

Join the Plena Smart Wallet Referral Program and Win Big with $1,000,000 in PLENA Tokens

PRESIONE SOLTAR. Plena Smart Wallet, which is one of the first self-custodial wallets to support Account Abstraction is thrilled to unveil its hotly anticipated referral program that offers rewards worth up to $1,000,000 in $Plena tokens. The program aims to incentivize

Dubai-Headquartered Crypto Exchange MaskEX Launches Virtual Card for Worldwide Spending and Welcomes Ben Caselin as Vice President to Drive Global Expansion Effort

PRESIONE SOLTAR. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Marzo, 2023 – MaskEX, a rapidly expanding third-generation crypto exchange, headquartered in Dubai, has announced the launch of its crypto-backed Virtual Card, enabling users to spend their crypto as fiat in more than 176 países…

Los deudores de FTX informan de un déficit de 8.900 millones de dólares en fondos de clientes y activos "altamente mezclados" en la última presentación

En marzo 2, 2023, Los deudores de FTX publicaron su segunda presentación para las partes interesadas, que contiene un análisis preliminar del ahora desaparecido intercambio de criptomonedas’s deficiencias. La última presentación revela un déficit significativo, como aproximadamente $2.2 mil millones de la empresa’Los activos totales se encontraron en…

Por poco 3 Billion BUSD Stablecoins Have Been Removed From the Market in 6 Días

Six days ago, a few hours before the blockchain infrastructure platform Paxos announced it would no longer mint BUSD stablecoins, $2.86 billion worth of BUSD were redeemed. Corrientemente, Binance is the most active exchange trading BUSD tokens, and the stablecoin still