La capitalización de mercado de Tether avanza hacia el máximo histórico mientras los competidores luchan con los rescates

A pesar de varios EE.UU.. tokens digitales vinculados al dólar que experimentaron redenciones notables en los últimos meses, la moneda estable más grande por valoración de mercado, atar, está a punto de lograr su capitalización de mercado más alta de la historia. Con un valor actual de $82.84 mil millones, tether is a mere $433

With Close to 10 Billion Stablecoins Redeemed, BUSD’s Supply Drops to Lowest Level Since April 2021

Statistics recorded on April 15, 2023, show that the number of coins in circulation for the stablecoin BUSD dropped below the 7 billion range to 6.68 mil millones, marking the lowest number of BUSD in circulation since April 2021. Es más, data indicates

Latam Insights — Alliance Against Inflation, BTG Pactual Launches Stablecoin, and Argentina Debuts New Dollar

Bienvenido a Latam Insights, un compendio de las noticias criptográficas y de desarrollo económico más relevantes de América Latina durante la última semana. En este asunto: Latin American nations ink an agreement to reduce inflation, Brazil-based BTG Pactual launches its own dollar-pegged

Noble Partners With Circle Financial to Integrate USDC on Cosmos Blockchain

According to the token protocol startup Noble, the second-largest stablecoin, USDC, will be integrated into the Cosmos blockchain, as the company has partnered with Circle Financial for the rollout. Noble details that the integration will give access to Circle’s USDC stablecoin

In-Chat Tether Transfers Introduced in Telegram

Users of the Telegram messenger will now be able to send each other the leading stablecoin, atar (usdt), directly in the chats. The new option expands the list of cryptocurrencies available for purchase, sale, and trade in the messaging app. Atar…

Binance Converts $1 Billion BUSD Into Bitcoin, BNB, and Ethereum

Los lunes, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, announced that the company had decided to convert $1 billion worth of BUSD from the Industry Recovery Initiative fund into three different cryptocurrencies. Zhao noted that significant onchain movements would be

USDC Stablecoin Nears Parity With USD After Fed’s Bailout Announcement

The stablecoin USDC has nearly regained parity with the U.S. dollar after rising just above $0.99 en marzo 12, 2023, a 7:20 pm. Eastern Time. The stablecoin jumped back to the $0.99 range after the U.S. Federal Reserve revealed it would

Los deudores de FTX informan de un déficit de 8.900 millones de dólares en fondos de clientes y activos "altamente mezclados" en la última presentación

En marzo 2, 2023, Los deudores de FTX publicaron su segunda presentación para las partes interesadas, que contiene un análisis preliminar del ahora desaparecido intercambio de criptomonedas’s deficiencias. La última presentación revela un déficit significativo, como aproximadamente $2.2 mil millones de la empresa’Los activos totales se encontraron en…

Citizens Trust Bank to Hold $65 Million in USDC Reserves as Circle Expands Bank Partnerships

El viernes, the cryptocurrency firm and stablecoin issuer Circle announced that the financial institution Citizens Trust Bank will hold $65 million in usd coin cash reserves. Circle said the move is part of the company’s plan to allocate shares of the

Binance Increases USDC Holdings as BUSD’s Market Cap Slides Lower

Eight days ago, Paxos announced that the company would no longer mint the stablecoin BUSD. Desde entonces, the coins market capitalization has been sliding lower as redemptions have become more prominent. Mientras tanto, a data researcher from Nansen has discovered that Binance,…