Russian Companies ‘Actively’ Using Crypto, Russia to Adopt 4 Relevant Laws, Official Says

Russian lawmakers intend to soon approve four bills designed to regulate various aspects of cryptocurrencies, a high-ranking member of the Russian parliament announced. Mientras tanto, Russian companies are already using digital assets in cross-border settlements, the official noted. Russian Legislature to Vote

Grandes granjas de criptominería enfriadas por inmersión para extraer Bitcoin en el desierto de Medio Oriente

A project to build two large-scale facilities for cryptocurrency mining is underway in the United Arab Emirates (Emiratos Árabes Unidos). The high-tech data centers will rely on a full immersion solution to cool the power-hungry miners as the desert climate renders air-cooled mining

Iran Shuts Down Over 8,000 Illegal Crypto Mining Farms in 3 Años

Authorities in Iran have closed down more than 8,000 underground facilities for cryptocurrency mining in the past three years, local media reported. Despite the government’s crackdown, illegal crypto mining continues to account for a serious amount of energy consumption, official figures

Bitcoin Network Hits 75% Progress Towards Next Reward Halving

At 11:06 soy. Eastern Time (hora del Este) En abril 29, 2023, a la altura del bloque 787,500, the number of blocks left to discover until the next Bitcoin blockchain halving is now fewer than 52,500 blocks. This means the network has progressed 75% through

Terawulf Energizes 50 MW at Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mining Facility Nautilus

Bitcoin mining company Terawulf has announced the full deployment of its 50-megawatt (megavatio) stake in the nuclear-powered Nautilus Cryptomine facility. The behind-the-meter bitcoin mining facility is powered by 100% nuclear power and benefits from a fixed power cost of $0.02 por…

Police in Kosovo Seize Crypto Mining Rigs From Serbs

Kosovo police have seized dozens of crypto mining devices from residents of a majority Serb region in the north of the country. Authorities in Pristina and Belgrade exchanged accusations over the move, which has the potential to raise tensions in the

Cleanspark Purchases 45,000 Bitcoin Mining Devices, Adding 6.3 EH/s to Current Fleet

El martes, the bitcoin mining company Cleanspark announced that it had purchased 45,000 Antminer S19 XP bitcoin mining devices for a total price of $144.9 millón. Cleanspark stated that the new fleet would add 6.3 exhash por segundo (EH/s) of computational

Bitcoin Difficulty Reaches New All-Time High After Fourth Consecutive Increase

En abril 6, 2023, Bitcoin’s difficulty rose 2.23% higher at block height 784,224, touching another all-time high. It’s the fourth consecutive difficulty increase on the Bitcoin network since Feb. 24, and the protocol’s current difficulty is 47.89 billones, which is only

Bitgo lanza una solución de almacenamiento y seguimiento para inscripciones ordinales basadas en Bitcoin

El jueves, proveedor de custodia de activos digitales, bitgo, anunció el lanzamiento de su solución de almacenamiento y seguimiento para inscripciones ordinales basadas en Bitcoin. Es más, los usuarios pueden usar Bitgo’s Sistema de almacenamiento de inscripciones ordinales para inscribir sus propias inscripciones en la cadena de bloques de Bitcoin. bitgo’Nueva solución…

Alcances de la tasa de hash de Bitcoin 400 Exahash por segundo, Investigador dice que la red podría llegar a la era Zettahash 2025

A pesar de Bitcoin’la dificultad para alcanzar un máximo histórico en 46.84 billones, Los participantes en la minería de bitcoins han mantenido el hashrate funcionando más fuerte que nunca.. Según las estadísticas, en marzo 23, 2023, el hashrate alcanzó un máximo de 400 exhash por segundo (EH/s)….