La capitalización de mercado de Tether avanza hacia el máximo histórico mientras los competidores luchan con los rescates

A pesar de varios EE.UU.. tokens digitales vinculados al dólar que experimentaron redenciones notables en los últimos meses, la moneda estable más grande por valoración de mercado, atar, está a punto de lograr su capitalización de mercado más alta de la historia. Con un valor actual de $82.84 mil millones, tether is a mere $433

In-Chat Tether Transfers Introduced in Telegram

Users of the Telegram messenger will now be able to send each other the leading stablecoin, atar (usdt), directly in the chats. The new option expands the list of cryptocurrencies available for purchase, sale, and trade in the messaging app. Atar…

Los intercambios de criptomonedas permiten a los rusos eludir las sanciones, Informe alega

Major crypto exchanges have failed to prevent sanctioned Russian banks and traders from transacting, according to a blockchain forensics report. At least two established coin trading platforms continue to allow Russians to use their bank cards in peer-to-peer deals, the analysis

Por poco 3 Billion BUSD Stablecoins Have Been Removed From the Market in 6 Días

Six days ago, a few hours before the blockchain infrastructure platform Paxos announced it would no longer mint BUSD stablecoins, $2.86 billion worth of BUSD were redeemed. Corrientemente, Binance is the most active exchange trading BUSD tokens, and the stablecoin still

Stablecoin Market Sees Supply Increase for Tether as Competitors Decline in Light of Recent Regulatory Developments

While the stablecoin market has seen significant redemptions in the past three months, el suministro de atadura, the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, has increased by 2.46 billion since mid-November 2022. Tether is the only one of the top five stablecoins

Global Cryptocurrency Trade Volumes Saw a Significant Decline in December 2022

Según las estadísticas, daily cryptocurrency trade volumes have dropped significantly during Dec. 2022. es enero. 1, data shows that $22.95 billion was traded in the last 24 horas, compared to double that amount, $54.78 mil millones, two weeks earlier. On November 8,

The Stablecoin Economy Shed $28 Billion in 2022 After a Handful of Tokens Lost Their $1 Peg

2022 has been an interesting year for stablecoin assets as the market capitalization of the entire stablecoin economy lost just over $28 billion in value. Es más, más que $3 billion has been erased from the stablecoin economy during the last 23

A Dozen Digital Assets Record Double-Digit Gains as Crypto Markets Begin to Heal After FTX’s Collapse

At the time of writing the global cryptocurrency market capitalization is hovering around $842 billion on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022. Bitcoin prices consolidated since the start of the week, as seven-day stats indicate the price of bitcoin has dropped by 0.02%

Shaky USDT Price Stirs Speculation Tied to Alameda Reserves, Tether Freezes 46 Million Tokens

Amid the market fluctuations on Thursday, data shows the stablecoin tether temporarily tapped a low of $0.961 por unidad. Atar’s market fluctuations have affected the decentralized finance (definitivamente) protocol Curves 3pool, as the stablecoin pool has become unbalanced Thursday morning. Es más,…