VC Darling Crypto Sui Makes Waves With Market Debut, Price Sinks 37% From All-Time High

A buzz has been generated around a new layer one (L1) proof-of-stake blockchain initiative named Sui, following the network’s mainnet debut on May 3, 2023. The native token SUI has been listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges, drawing attention to the project….

Majandusteadlased ootavad, et keskpank avaldab enne ülejäänud ajaks peatamist veel ühe 25 bps intressitõusu 2023

Pärast Föderaalreservi märtsi intressitõusu, majandusteadlased usuvad, et Saudi Araabia ja mitme Naftat Eksportivate Riikide Organisatsiooni liikme hiljutine samm (OPEC) naftatootmise vähendamine võib keskpanga missiooni keerulisemaks muuta. Lisaks,…

Microstrategy’s Bitcoin Holdings Reach 140,000 BTC After Acquiring 1,045 More Bitcoins

Nine days after publicly listed company Microstrategy purchased 6,455 bitcoins, the firms CEO, Michael Saylor, announced the purchase of an additional 1,045 bitcoins. The business intelligence (BI) company now holds a total of 140,000 bitcoins, worth $3.97 miljardit. Microstrategy Buys Another

Noble partnerid Circle Financialiga USDC integreerimiseks Cosmos Blockchaini

Vastavalt tokenprotokolli käivitamisele Noble, suuruselt teine ​​stabiilne münt, USDC, integreeritakse Cosmose plokiahelasse, kuna ettevõte on kasutuselevõtuks teinud koostööd Circle Financialiga. Noble üksikasjad selle kohta, et integreerimine annab juurdepääsu Circle'i USDC stabiilsele mündile…

Arbitrum’s Governance Token ARB Ranks Within Top 40 Market Capitalizations Following Airdrop

Following the Arbitrum token airdrop, ARB has become a top 40 cryptocurrency as it currently holds the 37th largest market valuation out of more than 23,000 listed digital currencies. Praegu, there is a circulating supply of 1,275,000,000 ARB, and the Arbitrum

Bitcoin Network Preps for Another Difficulty Spike as Hashrate Remains Strong and Miners Profit Amid Price Surge

Following the last two difficulty increases on the Bitcoin network, another rise in difficulty is expected to take place on March 24, 2023. Statistics show that Bitcoins hashrate has remained high despite the last two adjustments, and block times have been

Digital Assets Worth 2 Billion Rubles Issued in Russia in Less Than a Year

Digital financial assets (DFA-d) for a total exceeding $26 million have been issued in Russia in the past year. This new market has been developing since it was regulated in 2021 and the country’s monetary authority started licensing issuers in the

Crypto Exchange Coinbase käivitab Ethereum L2 skaleerimisvõrgu nimega Base

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced the deployment of Base, an Ethereum layer two (L2) skaleerimisvõrk, after developers launched the Base testnet on Thursday. The company said it is incubating Base within Coinbase and that the L2 chain will progressively

Krüpto, Equity, Metal Markets Plunge as Tech Earnings Disappoint and US Economic Weakness Deepens

Equity markets began the day in the red following the latest corporate earnings reports from some of the worlds largest firms, including Microsoft. The tech giants recent conference call was considered disappointing, and earnings from firms such as Boeing, Texas Instruments,…

Troonide mängu NFT-d müüakse kiiresti välja, Kuid kritiseerige "halvasti joonistatud" tegelasi

Krüptoraha kogukond arutab uut “Troonide mäng” mitteasendatav märk (NFT) NFT turuplatsil turule toodud varad. The “Ehitage oma kuningriik” jaanuaril müüdi kollektsioon läbi. 10, päeval, mil see vabastati. Kuid, on olnud…