Cashtokenid on pärast Bitcoin Cashi uuendamist kesksel kohal: Läbi 26,000 Tokenid loodud

Pärast hiljutist Bitcoin Cashi versiooniuuendust esmaspäeval, andmed näitavad, et ligikaudu 1,308 asendatavad märgid ja 25,336 mittevahetatavad märgid (NFT-d) on plokiahelasse ilmunud. enamgi veel, Cashtokensi märgi ökosüsteem on nüüd juurdepääsetav plokiahela uurijate ja kaudu, lubades…

Reverse Engineering the Future: Team Members Weigh In on ETHGlobal Tokyo Hackathon

The ETHGlobal Tokyo hackathon drew to a close on Sunday, as builders from around the world competed for $375,000 in prizes. The event was kicked off with the first-ever ETHGlobalPragmasummit, sponsored by Verse, among others. Engineers and representatives from

Meta Winding Down Support for NFTs on Facebook, Instagram

USA. tech giant Meta is giving up on operations with non-fungible tokens (NFT-d) amid ongoing turbulence in the crypto space. The company allowed creators to share digital collectibles on its leading social media platforms last year. Meta Platforms Cutting Off Support

BRICS Nations ‘Coalescing Against the Dollar,’ Major Banks Predict More Fed Hikes, Bitcoin Records Large Blocks as Ordinals Gain Currency

In spite of turbulence in traditional global finance, with BRICS nations said to be pushing for de-dollarization and major banks like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs predicting further interest rate hikes from the U.S. Föderaalreserv, creativity in crypto has

Ordinal Inscription Collections on Bitcoin Blockchain Grow as Creators Monetize Art

With more than 150,000 Ordinal inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain, there are now numerous collections as creators and artists have found a new way to monetize their artworks via blockchain technology. In the past month, people have launched collections such as

Opensea Drops Fees to Zero and Announces New Creator Earnings Model in Response to Shifting NFT Landscape

The largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT-d), Avameri, has announced major changes to its fee structure and policies in response to a shift in the NFT ecosystem. The company detailed that it will drop fees to zero for a limited time

Moonpay ja Looksrare partner toovad mugava NFT-ostu massideni

Neljapäeval, Fiat-to-crypto onramp-äri Moonpay teatas mitmeaastasest partnerlusest mittevahetatava märgiga (NFT) turuplats näeb haruldane välja. Vastavalt kokkuleppele, Looksrare võimaldab turuplatsi kasutajatel osta ja müüa krüptovarasid Moonpay teenuste kaudu. Moonpay ja Looksrare ühendavad jõud…

Bitcoin’s Average Transfer Fees Experience Sharp Increase: 122% Rise in 10 Päevad

Statistics show transfer fees on the Bitcoin network have increased 122% since the end of last month, as the average transaction fee has climbed from $0.767 juurde $1.704 per transaction. The rise in onchain fees coincides with the new Ordinals digital

Debate Intensifies Over Significance and Implications of Ordinal Inscriptions on Bitcoin Blockchain

During the past two weeks, members of the cryptocurrency community have discussed the non-fungible token (NFT) concept known as Ordinals. Since the 3.96 MB block (#774,628) was mined, there has been a significant increase in Ordinal inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain….

Axie Infinity’s Monthly Player Count Drops to Low Not Seen Since November 2020

After recording $4.26 billion in total non-fungible token (NFT) müük, the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity’s monthly player count has dropped to levels not seen since November 2020, a period of 26 kuud. Despite the low player count, the project’s native token,…