Tetheri turu ülempiir on tolli kõigi aegade kõrgeima taseme poole, kuna konkurendid võitlevad lunastamistega

Vaatamata mitmetele U.S. dollariga seotud digitaalsed märgid, mis on viimastel kuudel märgatavalt lunastatud, turuväärtuse järgi suurim stabiilne münt, siduda, on oma kõigi aegade kõrgeima turukapitalisatsiooni saavutamise äärel. Praeguse väärtusega $82.84 miljardit, tether is a mere $433

Rogue Validator Exploits MEV Bots on Ethereum, Resulting in $25.3M in Crypto Losses

aprillil 3, 2023, at Ethereum block height 16,964,664, a group of MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) bots were exploited for $25.3 miljonit. An analysis of the exploit revealed that a renegade validator switched the MEV botstransactions and seized various crypto

Noble partnerid Circle Financialiga USDC integreerimiseks Cosmos Blockchaini

Vastavalt tokenprotokolli käivitamisele Noble, suuruselt teine ​​stabiilne münt, USDC, integreeritakse Cosmose plokiahelasse, kuna ettevõte on kasutuselevõtuks teinud koostööd Circle Financialiga. Noble üksikasjad selle kohta, et integreerimine annab juurdepääsu Circle'i USDC stabiilsele mündile…

Binance Converts $1 Billion BUSD Into Bitcoin, BNB, and Ethereum

Esmaspäeval, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, announced that the company had decided to convert $1 billion worth of BUSD from the Industry Recovery Initiative fund into three different cryptocurrencies. Zhao noted that significant onchain movements would be

USDC Stablecoin Nears Parity With USD After Fed’s Bailout Announcement

The stablecoin USDC has nearly regained parity with the U.S. dollar after rising just above $0.99 on March 12, 2023, juures 7:20 p.m. Eastern Time. The stablecoin jumped back to the $0.99 range after the U.S. Federal Reserve revealed it would

Ebb and Flow of Stablecoin Economy Continues With BUSD’s Market Cap Dropping Below $10 Billion Range

The realm of stablecoins is an ever-evolving landscape and the number of coins in circulation for the stablecoin BUSD has fallen below the 10 billion mark to approximately 9.68 billion on March 3, 2023. Viimase üle 30 päevadel, BUSD’s token

Citizens Trust Bank to Hold $65 Million in USDC Reserves as Circle Expands Bank Partnerships

Reedel, the cryptocurrency firm and stablecoin issuer Circle announced that the financial institution Citizens Trust Bank will hold $65 million in usd coin cash reserves. Circle said the move is part of the company’s plan to allocate shares of the

Binance Increases USDC Holdings as BUSD’s Market Cap Slides Lower

Eight days ago, Paxos announced that the company would no longer mint the stablecoin BUSD. Sellest ajast, the coins market capitalization has been sliding lower as redemptions have become more prominent. Vahepeal, a data researcher from Nansen has discovered that Binance,…

Peaaegu 3 Billion BUSD Stablecoins Have Been Removed From the Market in 6 Päevad

Six days ago, a few hours before the blockchain infrastructure platform Paxos announced it would no longer mint BUSD stablecoins, $2.86 billion worth of BUSD were redeemed. Praegu, Binance is the most active exchange trading BUSD tokens, and the stablecoin still

BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB Ranked the Most Watched Crypto Assets in 2022

Täna’s top ten crypto assets make up a large portion of the crypto economys current $797.95 billion value on Dec. 29, 2022, and many of them are some of the most popular digital currencies today. While coin market capitalization aggregation sites