Krüpto, Equity, Metal Markets Plunge as Tech Earnings Disappoint and US Economic Weakness Deepens

Equity markets began the day in the red following the latest corporate earnings reports from some of the worlds largest firms, including Microsoft. The tech giants recent conference call was considered disappointing, and earnings from firms such as Boeing, Texas Instruments,…

Gold Prices Expected to Soar in 2023: Experts Predict Record Highs for Precious Metal

Gold is on the rise in 2023 and in the first week of the new year alone, the precious metal has jumped 2.36% USA vastu. dollarit. Over the past 65 päevadel, gold has soared 14.55% while silver has skyrocketed 22.31%

The Fed Codifies Fourth Consecutive 75bps Rate Hike — Stocks, Bitcoin, and Metals Rise

USA. Federal Reserve introduced another jumbo rate hike on Wednesday, nov. 2, 2022, by hiking the federal funds rate (FFR) kõrval 75 baaspunktid (bps). The American central bank said on Wednesday that the hike aims to curb inflation and

Turustrateeg eeldab aktsiaturu langust 50% Siit, Ütleb, et "keskklassi ei jää enam"

Following Jerome Powells hawkish commentary at the annual Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, major stock indexes, krüptovaluutad, and precious metals slid significantly in value. Läbi $240 billion was erased from the crypto market and the Crypto Fear and Greed Index continues to

Hirm sõja ees, Ahvirõuged põhjustavad aktsia- ja krüptoturgude langust, samal ajal kui väärismetallide hind tõuseb

Stock and cryptocurrency markets on Thursday saw volatility, after experiencing fluctuations during the tensions between China and Taiwan on Tuesday and Wednesday. Major indexes like the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and NYSE have shed a few percentages today, while the global

US Central Bank Hikes Benchmark Rate by 75 bps, Fed’s Largest Increase Since 1994

USA. Federal Reserve raised the federal funds rate by 75 baaspunktid (bps) kolmapäeval, and it was the largest increase since 1994. According to the Fed members expectations, the central bank will likely add another 1.5 percentage points by

Get Real, Lagarde — The Underlying Asset ‘Guaranteeing’ Your Euro Scam Coin Is a Gun

With the approaching tsunami of central bank digital currencies (CBDC-d) looming ever closer, it shouldnt come as a surprise when central banks shill their coins at the expense of sounder assets. Hiljuti, European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde went so far

Samal ajal kui Covid ja Hawkish Fed hirmutavad globaalseid turge, Aktsiad ja krüptotagastus pärast seda, kui Musk ostis Twitteri

Wall Street kannatas esmaspäeva hommikul, kuna USA suur osa. aktsiaindeksid langesid veelgi, tuginedes eelmisel nädalal kogutud kahjudele. Aruanded näitavad, et investorid on mures eelseisvate Föderaalreservi intressitõusude ja Hiina pärast’hiljutine Covid-19 puhang. As equities floundered on

Rikas isa, vaene isa Robert Kiyosaki hoiatab hüperinflatsiooni eest, Depressioon on siin

Kuulus autor enimmüüdud raamatust Rikas isa, vaene isa, Robert Kiyosaki, ütleb, et siin on hüperinflatsioon ja depressioon. Ühtlasi hoiatas ta, et tulemas on suurim mullilõhke, investorite nõustamine kulla ostmisel, hõbedane, ja bitcoin. Robert Kiyosaki’s Latest

Väärismetallid, Krüptovaluutad, Aktsiaturud kõiguvad pärast Powelli intressitõusu avaldusi

Equities, crypto markets, and precious metals did well during the early morning trading sessions on Wednesday, just before the U.S. central bank wrapped up its Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. While the Fed said in a statement that the benchmark