Noble partnerid Circle Financialiga USDC integreerimiseks Cosmos Blockchaini

Vastavalt tokenprotokolli käivitamisele Noble, suuruselt teine ​​stabiilne münt, USDC, integreeritakse Cosmose plokiahelasse, kuna ettevõte on kasutuselevõtuks teinud koostööd Circle Financialiga. Noble üksikasjad selle kohta, et integreerimine annab juurdepääsu Circle'i USDC stabiilsele mündile…

Citizens Trust Bank to Hold $65 Million in USDC Reserves as Circle Expands Bank Partnerships

Reedel, the cryptocurrency firm and stablecoin issuer Circle announced that the financial institution Citizens Trust Bank will hold $65 million in usd coin cash reserves. Circle said the move is part of the company’s plan to allocate shares of the

Don’t Forget the Importance of Censorship Resistance

Since people are once again talking about self-custody as one of cryptos unique strengths, I would like to remind everyone about an equally important fundamental value proposition of crypto that, in the early days, was touted as the killer feature. I’m

Stablecoini majandus jätkab langust – USDC turukapitali langus $6.7 Miljard sisse 83 Päevad

Just over two months or approximately 83 päeva tagasi, the stablecoin usd coin (USDC) had a market valuation of around $55.52 billion and since then, USDC’s market capitalization has lost 12.05%. For most of 2022, the second largest stablecoin by market

Stablecoini emitent Tether ei külmuta Tornado sularahaaadresse, Ütleb, et enneaegne külmutamine võib uurimist ohustada

While the crypto community is still talking about the U.S. government banning the ethereum mixing platform Tornado Cash, the stablecoin issuer Tether Holdings Limited revealed on Wednesday that the company would notfreeze Tornado Cash addresses.” Tether’s recently published blog post

OFACi Tornado sularahakeeld põhjustab Githubi peatamise ja 437 miljoni dollari suuruse krüptoaadresside musta nimekirja kandmise

augustil 8, the ethereum mixing service Tornado Cash, and all the crypto addresses associated with the platform, were officially banned by the U.S. Rahandusosakond’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). Following the ban, the internet hosting service for software

The Number of Euro-Pegged Stablecoins Has Swelled 1,683% Since 2020

While the stablecoin economy is worth roughly $153 miljardit täna, euro-backed stablecoin issuance has increased 1,683% alates $31.9 million worth of euro-based tokens on January 3, 2020, to today’s $569 miljonit. Since November 2021, the number of euro stablecoins swelled by

Circle Partners With New York Community Bancorp — Bank to Custody USDC Reserves

Circle Internet Financial has revealed a usd coin custody partnership with the American bank holding company New York Community Bancorp (NYCB). Under the agreement, NYCBs subsidiary, New York Community Bank, will become a custodian for the companys stablecoin reserves. Circle Partners

Krüptoarvelduse käivitamine Zebec saab $15 Programmeeritavate sularahamaksete tegemiseks miljoneid

The multi-signature treasury management and settlement startup Zebec has revealed the company has raised $15 million in order to bolster a continuous and programmable cash stream protocol on the Solana blockchain. Zebec says the company aims to be thepayment solution

Coinbase and 17 Other Crypto Firms Launch ‘Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology’

Kolmapäeval, the publicly-listed cryptocurrency firm Coinbase announced the launch of a collaborative effort called TRUST, which stands forTravel Rule Universal Solution Technology.The plan is described as anindustry-driven solutiondeveloped to comply with the Financial Action Task Force