Latam Insights: Bolivia Sells Gold for Dollars, Argentina Bans Fintech Crypto, Fitch Upgrades El Salvador’s Credit Rating

Welcome to Latam Insights, a compendium of the most relevant crypto and economic development news from Latin America during the last week. In this issue, Bolivia passes a law to sell gold for dollars, the Central Bank of Argentina bans fintech

Netflix-stjerne driver Bitcoin-adoption med Porsche, der fører El Salvador-flag

Den skotsk-salvadoranske kører Sebastian Melrose har fået sin debut i Porsche Carrera Cup racermesterskabet. Den 25-årige, som deltog i en populær Netflix tv-serie sidste år, kører en Bitcoin-mærket 911 that features the flag of crypto-friendly El Salvador on

Latam Insights – Inflationen skyder i vejret i Argentina, El Salvador behandler licenser til digitale aktiver, Venezuelansk kryptokorruptionsundersøgelse fortsætter

Welcome to Latam Insights, a compendium of the most relevant crypto and economic development news from Latin America during the last week. In this issue: Inflation in Argentina goes over 100%, El Salvador issues its first digital assets licenses, og…

IMF Report on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption: Risks Averted, but Transparency Needed

According to a recent mission statement published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), El Salvador has adopted bitcoin as legal tender and has avoided risks so far. The IMF states that the risks have not materialized due to the limited use

El Salvador godkender lov om udstedelse af digitale aktiver

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved the Digital Assets Issuance Law, a framework that will allow the country to issue crypto-related debt instruments. The approved law, which was passed thanks to the majority that President Nayib Bukele has in Congress,…

El Salvador Chivo Wallet Programmer åbner op om påstået ID-svindel, Tekniske problemer og problemer med hvidvaskning af penge

A Chivo wallet programmer has opened up about the different problems that the flagship cryptocurrency wallet of El Salvador faced during its initial stages. Shaun Overton, who alleges he was hired to help in the handling of the issues, has talked

Professor Steve Hanke siger, at den amerikanske økonomi har været flad i løbet af det sidste år, men understreger 'Det kommer til at ramme syd'

Amid the chaotic economy, plagued with central bank tinkering, supply chain issues, and red-hot inflation, the professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, Steve Hanke believes apretty big recessionwill take place in 2023. Speaking in an interview on

Seneste meningsmåling viser, at borgere i El Salvador stadig ikke er solgt på Bitcoin

A recent poll completed by the Public Opinion University Institute, part of the Simeon Canas Centroamerican University, has found that El Salvador is still not attracted by the idea of bitcoin as legal tender. The poll results indicate that almost two-thirds

Tæt på 60,000 BTC slettet fra Bitcoin statskasser i 9 måneder, 4 Enheder har mere end 100K BTC

During the last two years, a number of public and private companies, exchange-traded products (ETPs), and countries have added bitcoin to their balance sheet. Imidlertid, during the last nine months of 2022, the number of bitcoin stored in these types of

Senator Indira Kempis foreslår lovforslag om at gøre Bitcoin lovligt betalingsmiddel i Mexico

Indira Kempis, senator of the Mexican Congress, has proposed a bill that would make bitcoin legal tender in the country. The bill bases its action on the hardships that Mexican citizens are facing went trying to access financial products and education….