IMF Report on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption: Risks Averted, but Transparency Needed

According to a recent mission statement published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), El Salvador has adopted bitcoin as legal tender and has avoided risks so far. The IMF states that the risks have not materialized due to the limited use

Seneste meningsmåling viser, at borgere i El Salvador stadig ikke er solgt på Bitcoin

A recent poll completed by the Public Opinion University Institute, part of the Simeon Canas Centroamerican University, has found that El Salvador is still not attracted by the idea of bitcoin as legal tender. The poll results indicate that almost two-thirds

Bitcoin-omfavnende El Salvadors præsidents genvalgserklæring smækket

Just over a year after overseeing El Salvadors adoption of bitcoin, the Central American countrys 41-year-old president, Nayib B Watch, recently declared his intention serve another five-year term. The announcement has been criticized by some who have been quick to remind Bukele

Salvadoransk præsident for Bitcoin-investorer: Din BTC-investering er sikker, Vil vokse enormt efter Bear Market

Præsidenten for El Salvador har nogle råd til bitcoin-investorer. Han mener, at investeringer i den største kryptovaluta er sikre og villige “vokse enormt” efter bjørnemarkedet. Frelseren’s præsident for Bitcoin-investeringer Præsidenten for El Salvador, Nayib B Watch,…

Kingdom of Tonga kan vedtage Bitcoin som lovligt betalingsmiddel, Siger tidligere folketingsmedlem

The Kingdom of Tonga may adopt bitcoin as legal tender, according to a former member of Tongas parliament, Lord Fusitu’og Messari, who tweeted about a possible timeline for this event to occur. Fusitua believes that by next fall a bill will be

Devere Groups CEO forudsiger 3 Lande vil vedtage Bitcoin som lovligt betalingsmiddel i år

Administrerende direktør for finansiel rådgivnings- og kapitalforvaltningsfirmaet Devere Group har forudsagt, at tre lande vil vedtage bitcoin som lovligt betalingsmiddel i år. Han er mere bullish end El Salvador’s president who predicted that two countries will make bitcoin their

El Salvador Udkast 20 Regninger for juridisk struktur af Bitcoin-obligationer - midler, der skal bruges til at bygge Bitcoin City, Køb BTC

El Salvador forbereder sig på at introducere 20 regninger for at give en juridisk ramme for sine kommende bitcoin-obligationer. De indsamlede midler vil blive brugt til at bygge infrastruktur til Bitcoin City og købe mere bitcoin, forklarede den salvadoranske regering. El Salvador Drafting

Bitcoin vil være lovligt betalingsmiddel i 2 Flere lande i år, El Salvadors præsident forudsiger

Frelseren’s president has made six predictions relating to bitcoin for 2022. He expects two more countries to adopt bitcoin as legal tender this year. I mellemtiden, he expects El Salvadors Bitcoin City to commence construction during the year and his country’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta…

Salvadoransk økolog hævder, at Nayib Bukeles vulkandrevne Bitcoin-mine vil 'ende i miljøkatastrofe'

Frelseren’s leading ecologist Ricardo Navarro believes that mining bitcoin with a volcano, or geothermal energy, willend in environmental disaster.Navarro believes geothermal energy costs more than oil, and thinks El Salvadors millennial president Nayib Bukeles decision is questionable. Salvadoran

Crypto Flash Crash får El Salvador til at købe dip — 150 Bitcoins tilføjet til statskassen

As the crypto market shed billions of dollars, El Salvador bought the dip, taking advantage of the falling price of bitcoin early Saturday morning. With the latest buy, El Salvador has purchased a total of 1,370 bitcoins altogether. According to Salvadoran