Singapur zahteva podrobne informacije od kripto podjetij pred novimi predpisi, Razkritja poročila

Financial authorities in Singapore are taking steps toward increased oversight in the crypto space with the city-states central bank reportedly asking companies to provide additional information about their activities and assets. Ahead of a possible broadening of the applicable rules, the…

Srbija pregleduje prošnje za licence od 3 Menjalnice kriptovalut

Three crypto exchanges have applied for licensing in Serbia, which recently adopted legislation regulating its digital asset space. The government in Belgrade expects the companies to obtain authorization within weeks and offer Serbs the option to buy and sell cryptocurrencies legally….

Estonija razmišlja o preklicu kripto licenc, medtem ko vlada razmišlja o strožjih predpisih

Authorities in Estonia are working on new legislation expected to stiffen the rules for the countrys cryptocurrency sector. The Baltic nations regulator for the industry is considering whether to revoke previously issued crypto licenses and restart authorization from scratch. Licensed Crypto