Former Paxful CEO Says He Cannot ‘Vouch for Anything Happening There Now’ — Platform Tells Users It Is Back Online

The former CEO of Paxful, Ray Youssef, has told users of the peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that he is no longer in control and therefore cannot vouch foranything that is happening there now.Youssef also told a user who claimed to

A ‘Tremendous Variety of Possible Transaction Types’ — A Look at the Conversation Between Nakamoto and Andresen

The Bitcoin mempool, otherwise known as the network’s transaction backlog, is still clogged with over 390,000 transactions waiting to be processed by miners. To clear the mempool, more than 190 blocks need to be mined. As the scaling issues continue to

Nekdanji vodja pregona SEC: Argumenti Coinbase "zanesljiva zguba" in verjetno zločinec

According to John Reed Stark, crypto exchange Coinbase’s assertions that its business activities were endorsed by the U.S. Komisija za vrednostne papirje in borzo (SEC) when it approved its initial public offering area surefire loser.According to Stark, the SEC’s approval of

Jack Dorsey-Backed Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund Supports Open Source Developers in Lawsuit With Craig Wright

Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund (BLDF) recently delivered on its promise to fund the legal costs of 11 Bitcoin developers that are the target of the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright’s lawsuit. According to Alex Morcos, the “mission [of BLDF] is to

Zadetki omrežja Bitcoin 75% Napredek pri naslednji razpolovitvi nagrade

pri 11:06 zjutraj. vzhodni čas (ET) aprila 29, 2023, v višini bloka 787,500, število blokov, ki jih je še treba odkriti do naslednje prepolovitve verige blokov Bitcoin, je zdaj manjše od 52,500 bloki. To pomeni, da je omrežje napredovalo 75% through

The Elusive Satoshi Nakamoto: Last Emails Reveal Bitcoin Creator’s Thoughts Before Disappearing Over a Decade Ago

Twelve years ago, on this very day of April 23, 2011, a cryptic individual, known only as Satoshi Nakamoto, penned one of the final correspondences to software developer Mike Hearn. The elusive mastermind behind Bitcoin conveyed in the message that he,…

CATO Institute: CBDC the ‘Single Largest Assault to Financial Privacy Since Creation of Bank Secrecy Act’

A central bank digital currency (CBDC) may turn out to be thesingle largest assault to financial privacy since the creation of the Bank Secrecy Act,” a policy analysis document released by CATO Institute has said. To stop the U.S. Federal

Južnoafriški profesor obtožuje ameriške regulatorje poskusa "atentata na kripto"

Združene države’ poskuša “atentat na kripto” so nezakoniti in verjetno ne bodo uspeli, ker “kripto je globalno,” Steven Boykey Sidley, južnoafriški profesor in avtor, je trdil. Po Sidleyju, many formerly U.S.-based companies and innovators have fled the country

Matt Damon Shares Story Behind His Crypto Commercial

Famous Hollywood actor Matt Damon has revealed the story of how he became involved in creating a cryptocurrency commercial calledFortune Favors the Bravewith After the release of the crypto ad, Damon faced global criticism for his involvement in

Number of Irretrievably Lost BTC Now 6 Million — Cane Island Manager

The number of irretrievably lost bitcoins has now reached 6 milijonov, which leaves 13.3 million as coins that remain in circulation, Timothy Peterson of Cane Island Alternative Advisors has said. Peterson added that out of the 1.7 million bitcoins that will