Republican Congressman Tom Emmer Queries FDIC on Alleged Efforts to Purge Crypto Activity from US

V sredo, Tom Emmer, ZDA. Republican congressman from Minnesota, revealed he sent a letter to Martin Gruenberg, the chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), regarding reports that the FDIC is “weaponizing recent instability” in the U.S. banking industry

Metaverzum, AI, and Liquid Staking Tokens Lead Year-to-Date Crypto Asset Gains Among Top 125

notri 2023, the leading crypto assets, such as bitcoin and ethereum, have captured decent gains. Bitcoin has increased 17.2% nad zadnjim 30 dnevi, and ethereum has risen 9.3% in the same timeframe. Vendar, year-to-date statistics show that bitcoin is down

A Recent SEC Filing Shows the World’s Largest Asset Manager Blackrock Plans to Launch a Metaverse ETF

According to a recent filing, Blackrock, the multi-national investment company based in New York City and the worlds largest asset manager, has plans to create a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on metaverse companies. The funddubbed the Ishares Future

Whitepay uvaja kripto plačila v ukrajinske tehnične trgovine

Ukrainians will be able to purchase electronics and other products with digital coins thanks to a service provided by Whitepay. The payment processor, established by the Ukrainian-born digital asset exchange Whitebit, has recently implemented crypto payments in the countrys largest tech

Circle sodeluje z New York Community Bancorp — banka v skrbniške USDC rezerve

Circle Internet Financial has revealed a usd coin custody partnership with the American bank holding company New York Community Bancorp (NYCB). Under the agreement, NYCBs subsidiary, New York Community Bank, will become a custodian for the companys stablecoin reserves. Circle Partners

Rusko ministrstvo za finance spreminja predlog zakona o digitalni valuti,’ Doda določbe za kripto rudarjenje

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has revised a draft law designed to regulate the country’kripto prostor, introducing provisions for cryptocurrency mining. The bill has been resubmitted to the government and may be adopted during the parliaments spring

Guverner Floride Ron DeSantis pravi, da država 'išče načine', kako bi podjetjem omogočila plačevanje davkov v bitcoinih

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis explained at a press conference on Tuesday that hes spoken with state agencies and told them to figure out ways for businesses to pay tax with cryptocurrencies. During the signing ceremony for a bill focused on financial

Islamic Scholar Says Digital Currency is Not a ‘Fictitious Currency’

An Islamic scholar, Irshad Ahmad Ijaz, has asserted that digital currency is not fake currency and that it should be legitimized once certain conditions are met. Ijazs viewpoint is echoed by other scholars that attended a seminar examining the status of

Belorusija dovoli investicijskim skladom pridobitev kripto sredstev

The crypto-friendly nation of Belarus is preparing to permit investment funds to put money into digital currencies. A proposal to do so is part of a package of necessary legal changes tailored to attract such institutions to the country. Finance Ministry

Crypto Ban in Russia Can Have Opposite Effect, Medvedev Warns as Opposition Mounts Against Proposal

Dmitry Medvedev, former president and prime minister of Russia, has voiced his concerns over Bank of Russias initiative to ban most crypto operations. Prohibition could bring the opposite result, the Russian politician warned, joining a chorus of opinions against the restrictive