Australia Suspends Financial Services License of Local FTX Entity

Australia’s securities regulator has suspended the license of the Australian unit of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX until mid-May. According to an issued statement, the platform will be allowed to provide limited financial services until Dec. 19 in order to terminate

Foundry AcademyがBTCマイニング業界のトップ技術者を育成するトレーニングプログラムを開始

Foundry Digital, a digital asset mining and a staking-focused subsidiary of Digital Asset Group, has announced the launch of a new bitcoin mining hardware training program. The training course, which is expected to commence on Nov. 7, is expected to help

暗号投資の人気が規制の根拠となる, オーストラリアの証券ウォッチドッグは言う

高い暗号所有率, Youtube や Facebook からのアドバイスに基づいて購入することが多い, 作る “規制の強い理由,” オーストラリア証券投資委員会によると. The watchdog backs its stance with poll results showing nearly half of

ビットコインの「基本的価値は市場価格と一致していません」— Crypto Miner

収益性の高いビットコイン マイニングは、本質的に、ランタイムを維持できる効率的で高度に熟練した専門家チームの結果です。, ビットコイン採掘会社の創設者が主張した. したがって, 価格が変動している場合でも $20,000, a bitcoin miner


As the end of the year approaches, digital currency values have risen a great deal in 2021 and crypto asset miners have been profiting as a result. According to statistics, the most profitable coin to mine at the end of November

Electric Coin Companyは、Zcashネットワークがプルーフオブステークに移行することを明らかにしました 3 年

金曜日に, Electric Coin Company (ECC), the developers behind the privacy-centric crypto-asset zcash, revealed the network plans to transition to proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. ECC also revealed the team plans to launch an official ECC wallet, as well as bolster the network’s…