Nexo Bitcoin Withdrawals Surge Following Raid of Bulgarian Offices

After the offices of crypto lender Nexo were raided in Bulgaria, the digital currency lending platform experienced a significant amount of withdrawals starting Jan. 12, 2023. An archived snapshot of Nexos real-time attestation shows that the company held 133,263 bitcoin on

報告する: Federal Prosecutors in New York Probe Digital Currency Group and Subsidiary Genesis

Following accusations from Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss in an open letter to Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert, a report citingpeople familiar with the matterstates that federal prosecutors from New York are scrutinizing transfers between Digital Currency Group and


カザフスタンの当局は、仮想通貨に関連する違法行為に対する継続的な取り締まりの一環として、仮想通貨ピラミッドである疑いのあるマイニング ホテル事業の調査を開始しました。. プラットフォーム, Bincloudと呼ばれる, 人気のメッセージングアプリを通じて投資家を魅了. Bincloud


ロシアの機関は、からの電話に応答しました а public movement for joint efforts to identify cryptocurrency transfers related to drug trade. 反麻薬組織, 麻薬をやめる, recently asked the interior ministry and the central bank to investigate alleged connections between U.S.-sanctioned


Law enforcement authorities in Ukraine have exposed a crime ring specializing in cryptocurrency theft and laundering of illicit funds for hackers. The gang, which provided services to clients on the darknet, has been dismantled as a result of a joint operation

ロシアの裁判所は逮捕状を確認します 3 Finikoの創設者

Tatarstans highest court has rejected appeals against arrest warrants issued for three co-founders of the notorious Finiko crypto pyramid. The top representatives of the Ponzi scheme, accused of large-scale fraud in Russia, are still hiding abroad, media reports reveal. Three


On September 15, the top non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, 公海, revealed that an Opensea executive profited from insider trading. “Yesterday we learned that one of our employees purchased items that they knew were set to display on our front page before