Cleanspark Purchases 45,000 Bitcoin Mining Devices, Adding 6.3 EH/s to Current Fleet

火曜日に, the bitcoin mining company Cleanspark announced that it had purchased 45,000 Antminer S19 XP bitcoin mining devices for a total price of $144.9 100万. Cleanspark stated that the new fleet would add 6.3 エクサハッシュ/秒 (EH/秒) of computational power to the company’s current 6.7 EH/秒.


Cleanspark Acquires 45,000 Bitmain Antminers for $144.9 100万

This year, bitcoin mining firms are once again making large purchases of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) bitcoin mining rigs after taking a brief break in 2022. 火曜日に, 4月 11, 2023, the bitcoin mining firm クリーンスパーク announced that it had purchased 45,000 new Antminer S19 XP machines from the leading ASIC manufacturer, ビットメイン. The first delivery of 25,000 ASICs will take place in August, and the remaining 20,000 will be delivered in September.

Cleanspark detailed that all of the new miners would be delivered to the company’s mining facility in Sandersville, Georgia. The site, located in Georgia, is currently in the midst of a 150-megawatt (MW) expansion. Cleanspark further noted that the new miners would add 6.3 EH/s to the firm’s current fleet, which boasts 6.7 EH/s of computational power, and all the new devices are expected to be fully operational by the end of 2023.

“As bitcoin’s halving draws closer, our focus on operational efficiency, our technical expertise, and our treasury management strategy, will all play a crucial role in solidifying Cleanspark’s position among the top bitcoin mining companies in America,” Zach Bradford, the CEO of Cleanspark said in a statement sent to News. “This bear market,” Bradford added, “has continued to provide us with opportunities to maximize ROI including the opportunity to purchase the industry’s best miner at an industry-leading price.”

Bitcoin miners had a difficult year in 2022, と 2023 has proven to be a different story so far. 現在, ビットコイン (BTC) prices have risen more than 80% higher since the last day of 2022. Bitcoin’s global hashrate has, in turn, jumped higher, surpassing the 400 EH/s range this year, while the network’s difficulty has also reached all-time highs. Cleanspark’s latest acquisition of 45,000 ASIC bitcoin miners follows the company’s purchase of 20,000 Bitmain mining rigs in mid-February. 当時の, Cleanspark said it leveraged Bitmain coupons that saved the firm millions.

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