Darknet Market Solaris Hacked by Competitor, Elliptic Reveals

A leading marketplace on the dark web, Solaris, has been hit by a rival, according to crypto analytics company Elliptic. The Russia-linked platform, which tried to occupy space vacated by the busted Hydra, is believed to have conquered up to a

報告する: Federal Prosecutors in New York Probe Digital Currency Group and Subsidiary Genesis

Following accusations from Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss in an open letter to Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert, a report citingpeople familiar with the matterstates that federal prosecutors from New York are scrutinizing transfers between Digital Currency Group and

US With Highest Number of Closed Bitcoin ATMs in Negative Growth Year

The number of ATMs supporting digital currencies has fallen around the world over the course of a turbulent year for the whole industry. According to a new report, the United States has lost more machines offering crypto teller services than any

Recently Signed 2009 Bitcoin Block Reward Linked to Hal Finney’s Set of BTC Transactions

At the end of November, an unknown person signed a signature tied to an extremely old block reward mined on Jan. 19, 2009, and the user published a message and verified signature linked to the reward on the forum bitcointalk.org. の…

Research Shows Centralized Exchanges Saw the Most Visits This Year From Americans, Koreans, Russians

Residents of the United States, South Korea and the Russian Federation have been the most frequent users of centralized exchanges this year, according to a new study. The finding comes after the spectacular crash of FTX, one of the largest such

ロシアの仮想通貨マイナーの電力消費量が急増 20 の時間 5 年, 研究成果

ロシアの暗号通貨マイナーの電力需要は、それ以来大幅に増加しています 2017, 電気エネルギーの消費量が 5 年間で 20 倍に増加. の 2021, 最大の時価総額を持つコインの鋳造, ビットコイン, 必要 1.25 gigawatts

ロシアで起きている暗号関連の訴訟, 刑事事件は増加します 40%

Courts in Russia are hearing a growing number of cases around crypto assets, a new study has shown. About two-thirds of them have been launched under provisions of the countrys Criminal Code but civil cases represent a large share as well….

報告する: Ronin SidechainProcessed 560% 昨年11月のイーサリアムよりも多くの総取引

The blockchain-powered game Axie Infinity has been a very popular application during the last 12 月, as the games NFTs have outpaced every NFT collection today in terms of all-time sales. While Axie Infinity has seen $3.85 billion in all-time sales,…

ファインダーの専門家は、ソラナが超えることを期待しています $1,100 に 2025, 5,000ドル以上 2030

At the end of October, the product comparison website finder.com published new survey data about price predictions concerning the leading crypto asset ethereum. 11月 1, Finders researchers published price predictions for the ethereum competitor solana, as Finders panelists predict the

クロスチェーンDefiブリッジにロックされた合計値が超過 $22 十億, ジャンピング 48% の 30 日々

10月に 29, ロックされた合計値 (TVL) 分散型金融で (定義) protocols is around $243 billion with Curve capturing 7.76% of the dominance. その間, as ethereum has the largest dominance of TVL in defi, a number of alternative blockchains are