USDC Stablecoin Nears Parity With USD After Fed’s Bailout Announcement

The stablecoin USDC has nearly regained parity with the U.S. dollar after rising just above $0.99 on March 12, 2023, juures 7:20 p.m. Eastern Time. The stablecoin jumped back to the $0.99 range after the U.S. Federal Reserve revealed it would

Ebb and Flow of Stablecoin Economy Continues With BUSD’s Market Cap Dropping Below $10 Billion Range

The realm of stablecoins is an ever-evolving landscape and the number of coins in circulation for the stablecoin BUSD has fallen below the 10 billion mark to approximately 9.68 billion on March 3, 2023. Viimase üle 30 päevadel, BUSD’s token

Binance Increases USDC Holdings as BUSD’s Market Cap Slides Lower

Eight days ago, Paxos announced that the company would no longer mint the stablecoin BUSD. Sellest ajast, the coins market capitalization has been sliding lower as redemptions have become more prominent. Vahepeal, a data researcher from Nansen has discovered that Binance,…

Stablecoin Market Sees Supply Increase for Tether as Competitors Decline in Light of Recent Regulatory Developments

While the stablecoin market has seen significant redemptions in the past three months, the supply of tether, the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, has increased by 2.46 billion since mid-November 2022. Tether is the only one of the top five stablecoins

The Stablecoin Economy Shed $28 Billion in 2022 After a Handful of Tokens Lost Their $1 Peg

2022 has been an interesting year for stablecoin assets as the market capitalization of the entire stablecoin economy lost just over $28 miljardi väärtuses. enamgi veel, more than $3 billion has been erased from the stablecoin economy during the last 23

Stablecoin GUSD pakkumine hüppab lähedale 130% Kõrgemal sisse 30 Päevad

While the stablecoin economy has seen fluctuations from specific stablecoin tokens either increasing the projects number of tokens in circulation or decreasing the supply, the stablecoin GUSD issued by Gemini has increased by 129.5% viimase ajal 30 päevadel. GUSD Sees

Argentina provints Mendoza alustab maksude vastuvõtmist krüptovormingus

Mendoza, an Argentinian province, has implemented a system that allows taxpayers to pay their taxes fully with cryptocurrencies. The system, which was launched this week, is part of a strategic push for the modernization and digitalization of payments carried by the

Stablecoini emitent Tether ei külmuta Tornado sularahaaadresse, Ütleb, et enneaegne külmutamine võib uurimist ohustada

While the crypto community is still talking about the U.S. government banning the ethereum mixing platform Tornado Cash, the stablecoin issuer Tether Holdings Limited revealed on Wednesday that the company would notfreeze Tornado Cash addresses.” Tether’s recently published blog post

100-Aastavanune Pennsylvanias asuv pank on heaks kiidetud Makerdao Stablecoin Vaulti võimendamiseks

Makerdao, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that issues the stablecoin DAI, approved a governance proposal that providescollateral integration from a U.S.-based bank.The Makerdao governance proposal passed by a majority vote of more than 87%, and it gives the U.S….

Stabiilmüntide turg on lähedal 15% kogu krüptomajanduse turuväärtusest

Umbes kaks kuud tagasi, aprillis 11, Stabiilmüntide majandust hinnati $190 miljardit ja lähenes ületamisele $200 miljardi väärtuses. Kuid, pärast Terra stablecoini kukkumist, fiatiga seotud märgimajandus kaotas $16.31 billion in value since