Archivos de inversiones en escala de grises para 3 Nuevos fondos cotizados en bolsa

En mayo 9, el administrador de fondos de moneda digital Grayscale Investments anunció el establecimiento de Grayscale Funds Trust y presentó solicitudes de registro para tres fondos cotizados en bolsa con los EE. UU.. Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores. Grayscale Introduces Grayscale Funds Trust and Files for 3

China Pushes Digital Yuan for Wage Payments in Changshu

Changshu, a city in China with more than 1.5 million inhabitants, will pay public workerswages with the Chinese central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital yuan. The move marks an acceleration of the adoption plans that Beijing has for the

Russia Launching Payment System With ‘No Restrictions’ — Digital Currencies to Be Completely Unrestricted

Russia is launching a new payment system that is “bound by no restrictions” where digital currencies could be used in cross-border payments, said Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. “Two parties come to an agreement, make settlement payments, and no other country

El candidato presidencial estadounidense RFK Jr.. Dice que Bitcoin proporciona una "ruta de escape" de la agitación financiera

Los lunes, Roberto F.. Kennedy Jr.. Una vez más advirtió al público que tenga cuidado con las monedas digitales del banco central. (CBDC), e insistió en que la administración Biden ha lanzado una “aluvión constante de ataques hostiles contra las criptomonedas.” kennedy, quien presentó recientemente…

Dollar to Play Lesser Role Due to Its Weaponization, Monedas digitales, Economist Jeffrey Sachs Says

Within the next decade, los Estados Unidos. dollar will play a much less dominant role than it is today, according to Jeffrey Sachs. The renowned economist listed a few factors for the diminishing status of the greenback such as its use as

Bitcoin Difficulty Reaches New All-Time High After Fourth Consecutive Increase

En abril 6, 2023, Bitcoin’s difficulty rose 2.23% higher at block height 784,224, touching another all-time high. It’s the fourth consecutive difficulty increase on the Bitcoin network since Feb. 24, and the protocol’s current difficulty is 47.89 billones, which is only

Alcance de las tenencias de Bitcoin de Microstrategy 140,000 BTC después de adquirir 1,045 Más Bitcoins

Nueve días después de la compra de la empresa que cotiza en bolsa Microstrategy 6,455 bitcoins, La firma’CEO, Michael Saylor, anunció la compra de un adicional 1,045 bitcoins. la inteligencia empresarial (BI) empresa posee ahora un total de 140,000 bitcoins, valer $3.97 mil millones. Microstrategy compra otro…

BRICS Nations Working on Creating New Currency to Be Discussed at Next Leaders Summit: Reporte

The BRICS nations are reportedly working on developing a new form of currency, which is expected to be discussed at the next BRICS leaderssummit, according to a top Russian official. “The transition to settlements in national currencies is the first

El gobierno de EE. UU. sigue siendo uno de los principales tenedores de Bitcoin con un alijo incautado valorado en $5.6 mil millones

a partir de marzo 25, 2023, los Estados Unidos. government held 205,515 bitcoins worth $5.6 mil millones, which is approximately 1.06% del suministro circulante, according to current statistics. The cache of bitcoins is a result of three forfeitures that began in 2020. Glassnode’s…

Bitcoin Network Preps for Another Difficulty Spike as Hashrate Remains Strong and Miners Profit Amid Price Surge

Following the last two difficulty increases on the Bitcoin network, another rise in difficulty is expected to take place on March 24, 2023. Statistics show that Bitcoins hashrate has remained high despite the last two adjustments, and block times have been