Diapositivas de dificultad de Bitcoin 7.32%, La reducción marca la caída más grande en 2022

el dic. 5, 2022, at block height 766,080, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty adjustment dropped 7.32% lower, making it the largest difficulty reduction in 2022. The current difficulty is approximately 34.24 trillion and it will remain at this point for the next two

Bitcoin Network’s Mining Difficulty Drops for the First Time in 2 Meses

Following four consecutive Bitcoin mining difficulty increases, the networks difficulty dropped for the first time in 68 días, sliding 2.14% at block height 756,000 el martes. The change means it’actualmente 2.14% easier to find a bitcoin block reward following the

As Bitcoin’s Hashrate Remains Elevated, BTC’s Mining Difficulty Expected to Reach a Lifetime High

During the last month, Bitcoin’s hashrate has been coasting along above the 200 exhash por segundo (EH/s) zone, minus a number of drops here and there above and below that range. Following two difficulty changes that saw the difficulty decrease by