Los piratas informáticos ofrecen vender el pasaporte del presidente de Bielorrusia, Lukashenko, como NFT

Anti-government hackers have attempted to sell what they say is an NFT of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenkos passport. The members of theBelarusian Cyber Partisanscollective claim to have obtained the passport data of all of the countrys citizens. Cyber Guerrillas

Ex CEO de Crypto Exchange Wex Dmitry Vasiliev supuestamente detenido en Croacia

Dmitry Vasiliev, co-owner and former chief executive of the now defunct Russian crypto exchange Wex, has been arrested upon entering Croatia, local media reported. The crypto entrepreneur is wanted by Kazakhstan where he is accused of stealing money from an investor….

Bielorrusia ha incautado millones de dólares en criptomonedas, Reclamaciones del investigador jefe

Authorities in Belarus have mastered the seizure of cryptocurrencies, the head of the countrys Investigative Committee revealed in a recent interview. The high-ranking law enforcement official claims the state has already confiscated crypto assets worth millions of dollars. Companies Allegedly Help

Exmo, líder en bolsa de Europa del Este, vende negocios en Rusia, Bielorrusia

Excelencia, un intercambio de cifrado con sede en el Reino Unido con amplia presencia en Europa del Este, se retira de Rusia, Bielorrusia y Kazajstán. La plataforma de comercio, Exmo.com, lo dice’s making the move to avoid jeopardizing its expansion in other regions by operating in high-risk markets

Belarus Adopts Legal Procedure for Seizure of Illicit Cryptocurrency

Implementing a recently signed presidential decree, the government of Belarus has introduced a procedure allowing the state to seize digital currency holdings. The move will grant law enforcement authorities in Minsk powers to seize crypto assets linked to illegal activities. Justice

Ucrania ahora toma Polkadot, Dice que pronto aceptará otras monedas

Having already raised millions of dollars in major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ukraine is now receiving donations in polkadot as well. The country intends to expand the list of accepted coins as it increasingly relies on help from the crypto community to

Ukraine Targets Russian Politicians’ Crypto Wallets as Russian Banks Are Cut From SWIFT

Ukraine is now trying to expose cryptocurrency wallets used by politicians in Moscow amid warnings that Russia may employ digital coins to circumvent sanctions. The initiative comes as western allies agree to expel some Russian banks from SWIFT, the global interbank

Belarus Moves to Allow Investment Funds to Acquire Crypto Assets

The crypto-friendly nation of Belarus is preparing to permit investment funds to put money into digital currencies. A proposal to do so is part of a package of necessary legal changes tailored to attract such institutions to the country. Finance Ministry

Exjefe de Crypto Exchange Wex liberado en Polonia

Former chief executive of the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Wex, Dmitry Vasiliev, has been released from arrest in Warsaw earlier this month. The ex-head of the now-defunct coin trading platform has since returned to Russia while court proceedings against him in Poland

Exjefe de Wex Crypto Exchange supuestamente arrestado en Polonia, Se enfrenta a la extradición a Kazajstán

Dmitry Vasiliev, former chief executive of Russian cryptocurrency exchange Wex, has been detained in Warsaw, the Polish press reported. Vasiliev is wanted in Kazakhstan where he is accused of fraud related to the now defunct trading platform, successor of the infamous