Garlinghouse: SEC Official Received ‘Millions’ From Vested Interests, Tradfi Heavyweight Crypto Exchange EDX Launches, Peter Schiff on USD Decline — Week in Review

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently asserted that former SEC Division of Corporation Finance Director William Hinman “received millions of dollars of payments from his law firm” which had a vested interest in a well-known 2018 speech given by the then SEC

Treasury Secretary Yellen Warns US Could Default on Its Debt by June 1

OS. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that the Treasury will not be able to pay all of the government’s debt “as early as June 1, if Congress does not raise or suspend the debt limit before that time.” Yellen also

Jeffrey Tucker Says Dollar Will Be Dethroned, Russian Official Speaks on De-Dollarization, and a Look at Historic Fractional Reserve Banking in Italy — Week in Review

Bitcoin proponents eyeing fiat failures are in no shortage of news on the topic as of late, as multiple officials, økonomer, authors, and analysts from around the world have been weighing in onde-dollarizationin a prolific fashion. Author and libertarian

ECB-præsident Lagarde advarer om 'større katastrofe', hvis USA misligholder gældsforpligtelser

There is a lot of discussion lately about the U.S. government’s debt ceiling and whether Congress will act before defaulting. I et nyligt interview, Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank (World Cup, said she is confident the U.S. can

Yellen Says US Could Back All Deposits at Smaller Banks if Needed to Prevent Contagion

OS. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the federal government could guarantee all deposits of smaller banks if theysuffer deposit runs that pose the risk of contagion.The government recently protected all deposits of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank after

US Lawmaker Urges Government to Guarantee All Deposits to Avoid Runs on Smaller Banks

A U.S. congressman has urged the federal government to temporarily insure every bank deposit in the country. Following the collapses of several major banks, he stressed that if the government does not do this, there will be a run on smaller

Rapport: Silicon Valley Bank Under FDIC Auction as Calls for Bailout Grow

USA. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) began an auction process for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) late Saturday night, according to reports. Final bids are due by Sunday afternoon. Unnamed sources indicate that the FDIC is seeking to close the deal

Coin Center sagsøger det amerikanske finansministerium over Tornado Cash Ban - Retssag siger, at regeringens handling "var ulovlig"

The non-profit that focuses on policy issues facing cryptocurrencies, Møntcenter, has filed a lawsuit against the Treasury department, the secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta (OFAC) director Andrea Gacki. Møntcenter’s court filing

Amerikanske lovgivere indfører lovforslag, der tillader kryptoinvesteringer i 401(k) Pensionsordninger

Several U.S. lawmakers have introduced the Retirement Savings Modernization Act to provide 401(k) retirement savers access to a wide range of investments, including crypto assets. “With inflation at record highs, a stock market downturn, and a potential recession on the horizon,…

På trods af Det Hvide Hus-debat, Kritikere insisterer på, at USA officielt er i en recession efter 2 På hinanden følgende kvartaler med negativ BNP-vækst

USA. economy has declined for the second-straight quarter as the countrys gross domestic product (BNP) declined by 0.9% in Q2. The Bureau of Economic Analysiss summary of the U.S. GDP follows the recent debate over the technical definition of a