Decentralized App BCH Bull Prepares for Launch, Platform Allows Users to Long or Hedge Bitcoin Cash Against a Myriad of Tradeable Assets

Just recently the developers behind the Bitcoin Cash-centric project Anyhedge released the alpha version of the Anyhedge Whitelabel and since then, 284 smart contracts were created onchain, and more than $32,900 in funds hedged using the alpha protocol. vidare, this month,…

‘Ultra Sound Money’ — Post-Merge Stats Show Ethereum’s Issuance Rate Plunged After PoS Transition

Months before Ethereum transitioned from proof-of-work (PoW) till bevis på insats (PoS), a simulation of The Merge had shown the networks issuance rate would drop following the ruleset change. Statistics now show that the simulations predictions have come to fruition as the network’s…

Ethereum Implements Bellatrix — Network’s Upcoming Paris Upgrade to Trigger The Merge, Validator Block Production

The blockchain network Ethereum has officially activated the Bellatrix upgrade, the final change before The Merge, the highly anticipated transition from proof-of-work (PoW) till bevis på insats (PoS). Bellatrix was successfully codified into the codebase at epoch 144,896 on the Beacon chain and

OFAC:s Tornado Cash-förbud orsakar Github-avstängningar och svartlistning av kryptoadresser som innehar 437 miljoner dollar

I augusti 8, ethereum-blandningstjänsten Tornado Cash, och alla kryptoadresser som är associerade med plattformen, förbjöds officiellt av U.S.A. Finansdepartementet’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). Efter förbudet, the internet hosting service for software

Ett nytt Terra-nätverk kommer med stöd från större börser, LUNA- och UST-innehavare som är kvalificerade för Airdropped Tokens

According to a recent announcement from the Terra blockchain team, the community voted and passed a proposal that plans to launch a new genesis version of the Terra blockchain without an algorithmic stablecoin. The governance proposal calledTerra Ecosystem Revival Plan

Mycket efterlängtad Bitcoin-uppgradering Taproot aktiveras — Taproot Script-Spends Ses in the Wild

Bitcoin advocates are celebrating the successful implementation of the Taproot upgrade after block height 709,632. The upgrade was highly anticipated as it was one of the biggest changes since the introduction of Segregated Witness (Segwit) i 2017. After the upgrade was

Medan Musk nämner Doge-förbättringar, Dogecoin-utvecklare fortsätter att ta itu med skalningsproblem

På söndag, Elon Musk diskuterade sin relation med Dogecoin Foundation och han nämnde några förbättringar han’skulle vilja se implementerat via Dogecoin Core’s kodbas. Under tiden, Github metrics show developers have been working on Dogecoin Core during the last few