The Size of Bitcoin’s Distributed Ledger Nears a Half Terabyte

Well over a decade ago, on January 3, 2009, the size of the Bitcoin blockchain was 0.285 kilobytes (kB) or around 285 bytes. I dag, i alla fall, the blockchains ledger is nearly half a terabyte, or roughly 432 gigabytes. Bitcoin’s Blockchain Nears 500

Decentralized App BCH Bull Prepares for Launch, Platform Allows Users to Long or Hedge Bitcoin Cash Against a Myriad of Tradeable Assets

Just recently the developers behind the Bitcoin Cash-centric project Anyhedge released the alpha version of the Anyhedge Whitelabel and since then, 284 smart contracts were created onchain, and more than $32,900 in funds hedged using the alpha protocol. vidare, this month,…

Tether Reveals USDT Stablecoin Is Now Supported by Polkadot

Tether is now live on 15 different blockchain networks, according to the companys latest announcement on Friday as the firm detailed that it is now supported by the Polkadot blockchain system. The stablecoins new support follows the token being added to

Near Protocol Supports Tether USDT, Stablecoin Is Now Hosted on 14 Blockchain Networks

På måndag, the stablecoin issuer Tether Operations Limited announced that the stablecoin tether is now supported by the Near blockchain network. Following a number of recent implementations, Near will be the 14th blockchain network that hosts the largest stablecoin by market

Tracker visar nära till 3,000 Krypto-uttagsautomater installerades under 2022:s första kvartal

Under den sista 12 månader, där’s been an exponential number of cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs) installed as data shows that 20,000 crypto ATMs were installed last year. This year machines are still being installed in great numbers and since December

Strömningstjänsten Sling TV lägger till stöd för kryptobetalning för månatliga prenumerationer

The American streaming television service Sling TV has announced the company is now accepting cryptocurrency payments from customers paying their monthly subscriptions. Sling TV detailed the company is leveraging the crypto payment provider Bitpay and will accept seven different cryptocurrencies and

Dessa är kryptoekonomins 10 De dyraste tillgångarna per enhet i 2022

A lot has changed in regard to the prices of various crypto assets throughout 2021, as todays top crypto assets look a lot different than they did 12 months ago. Dessutom, the most valuable cryptocurrencies in terms of U.S. dollars per

2021s Digital Asset Shuffle: En myriad av kryptobörsvärden flyttade kaotiskt i år

2021 has been a bullish year for crypto assets. While prices have risen a great deal, the top ten and top twenty rankings in terms of market capitalization have also changed significantly. A great number of coins have either been pushed

Över 20,000 Bitcoin-uttagsautomater installerade på ett år

The number of cryptocurrency ATMs around the world has grown exponentially in 2021, with over 20,000 new installations made since last December. Den där’s more than the total of all crypto teller machines put into operation in the previous seven years. Stänga…