Tether’s Market Cap Inches Towards All-Time High as Competitors Struggle With Redemptions

Despite several U.S. dollar-pegged digital tokens experiencing notable redemptions in recent months, the largest stablecoin by market valuation, テザー, is on the verge of achieving its highest-ever market capitalization. With a current value of $82.84 十億, tether is a mere $433

Rogue Validator Exploits MEV Bots on Ethereum, Resulting in $25.3M in Crypto Losses

4月に 3, 2023, at Ethereum block height 16,964,664, a group of MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) bots were exploited for $25.3 100万. An analysis of the exploit revealed that a renegade validator switched the MEV botstransactions and seized various crypto

Telegram にチャット内テザー転送が導入

Telegramメッセンジャーのユーザーは、主要なステーブルコインを互いに送信できるようになります, テザー (米ドル), チャットで直接. 新しいオプションにより、購入可能な暗号通貨のリストが拡大します, セール, メッセージングアプリで取引する. テザー…

Ebb and Flow of Stablecoin Economy Continues With BUSD’s Market Cap Dropping Below $10 Billion Range

The realm of stablecoins is an ever-evolving landscape and the number of coins in circulation for the stablecoin BUSD has fallen below the 10 billion mark to approximately 9.68 billion on March 3, 2023. Over the last 30 日々, BUSD’s token


Eight days ago, Paxos announced that the company would no longer mint the stablecoin BUSD. それ以来, the coins market capitalization has been sliding lower as redemptions have become more prominent. その間, a data researcher from Nansen has discovered that Binance,…

ほぼ 3 10億BUSDのステーブルコインが市場から削除された 6 日々

6日前, ブロックチェーンインフラストラクチャプラットフォームのPaxosがBUSDステーブルコインの鋳造を終了すると発表した数時間前, $2.86 10億相当のBUSDが償還されました. 現在, Binance は BUSD トークンを最も活発に取引している取引所です, and the stablecoin still

Global Cryptocurrency Trade Volumes Saw a Significant Decline in December 2022

According to statistics, daily cryptocurrency trade volumes have dropped significantly during Dec. 2022. On Jan. 1, data shows that $22.95 billion was traded in the last 24 時間, compared to double that amount, $54.78 十億, two weeks earlier. On November 8,

BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB Ranked the Most Watched Crypto Assets in 2022

今日’s top ten crypto assets make up a large portion of the crypto economys current $797.95 billion value on Dec. 29, 2022, and many of them are some of the most popular digital currencies today. While coin market capitalization aggregation sites

The Stablecoin Economy Shed $28 10億イン 2022 After a Handful of Tokens Lost Their $1 Peg

2022 has been an interesting year for stablecoin assets as the market capitalization of the entire stablecoin economy lost just over $28 億の価値. さらに, more than $3 billion has been erased from the stablecoin economy during the last 23


人々は再び暗号通貨の 1 つとしての自己管理について話しているので、’独自の強み, 私は皆さんに、同様に重要な暗号通貨の基本的な価値提案について思い出していただきたいと思います。, 初めの頃, キラー機能として宣伝されました. 私’メートル…