Global Cryptocurrency Trade Volumes Saw a Significant Decline in December 2022

According to statistics, daily cryptocurrency trade volumes have dropped significantly during Dec. 2022. On Jan. 1, data shows that $22.95 billion was traded in the last 24 時間, compared to double that amount, $54.78 十億, two weeks earlier. On November 8,

ENS ドメイン登録数が先月急増, 作成された名前の合計数 2 100万

イーサリアムネームサービスの数 (ENS) ドメイン数は 200 万に近づいています。 1,888,209 ENS の名前は、これまでに Ethereum ブロックチェーンに刻み込まれています. The project recently detailed that July saw the largest monthly rise in revenue scoring