Bitcoin’s Average Transfer Fees Experience Sharp Increase: 122% Rise in 10 日々

Statistics show transfer fees on the Bitcoin network have increased 122% since the end of last month, as the average transaction fee has climbed from $0.767 に $1.704 per transaction. The rise in onchain fees coincides with the new Ordinals digital

イーサリアムの合併後の送金手数料は低いまま, 5月中旬以降、優先度の高いETH手数料は 93% 安い

Following Ethereums transition from proof-of-work (捕虜) プルーフ・オブ・ステークへ (PoS) on September 15, the blockchain networks transaction fees have been much lower than they were ten days before The Merge. Roughly four months ago on May 13, 2022, high-priority ether transactions could