Rogue Validator がイーサリアム上の MEV ボットを悪用, 結果として2,530万ドルの仮想通貨損失が発生

4月に 3, 2023, イーサリアムブロックの高さで 16,964,664, MEVのグループ (抽出可能な最大値) ボットが悪用されたのは、 $25.3 100万. An analysis of the exploit revealed that a renegade validator switched the MEV bots’ transactions and seized various crypto tokens, そのような 7,460 wrapped ether and 64 ラップされたビットコイン.


While the Mechanisms Behind MEV Bots Boost Profit, They Also Have Vulnerability to Exploits

最近, crypto proponents and security experts have been discussing how a group of MEV bots lost $25.3 million in a sophisticated exploit. The attacker used a transaction manipulation tactic that enabled the rogue validator to replace several MEV transactions, resulting in the loss of a significant amount of WBTC, USDC, USDT, 大, and WETH.

MEV, also known as “Maximal Extractable Value” bots or flashbots, are automated software programs that use Ethereum’s blockchain to profit from transaction execution. MEV bots have various uses, such as executing trades ahead of other traders, known as front-running, and discovering arbitrage and liquidation opportunities.

この場合, the rogue validator employed a “sandwich attack,” which is a type of transaction manipulation tactic utilized by MEV bots on Ethereum. 興味深いことに, the renegade validator became an Ethereum validator on March 16, 2023, a little over two weeks before the exploit took place.

“In this incident, a rogue validator appears to have broken the “gentleman’s agreement” whereby Flashbot validators ignored the fact that penalties for malicious behavior were in many cases inadequate to economically disincentivize it,」 Certik, a Web3 and blockchain auditing and security firm told News in a note on Monday.

“In total, the rogue validator was able to replace MEV transactions worth $25.3 100万,” Certik added. “The irony of MEV bots falling victim to a scheme like this is unlikely to earn them much sympathy from the general public, who tends to be the victim of their value extraction. Still, this incident highlights the dangers of centralized systems, where an agreement to play by the rules can be just as easily revoked as it was given.”

Certik further reports that $1.82 million in WBTC, $5.29 million in USDC, $3 ミリオン USDT, $1.7 million in DAI, と $13.52 million worth of wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) was taken in the exploit. MEV bots or Flashbots can generate significant profits for their operators, but they have also raised concerns within the Ethereum ecosystem over fairness and censorship.

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What do you think the future holds for MEV bots in light of this exploit, and how can their risks be mitigated? Share your thoughts about this subject in the comments section below.


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