A ‘Tremendous Variety of Possible Transaction Types’ — A Look at the Conversation Between Nakamoto and Andresen

The Bitcoin mempool, otherwise known as the network’s transaction backlog, is still clogged with over 390,000 transactions waiting to be processed by miners. To clear the mempool, plus que 190 blocks need to be mined. As the scaling issues continue to

Iran Shuts Down Over 8,000 Illegal Crypto Mining Farms in 3 Années

Authorities in Iran have closed down more than 8,000 underground facilities for cryptocurrency mining in the past three years, local media reported. Despite the government’s crackdown, illegal crypto mining continues to account for a serious amount of energy consumption, official figures

Bitcoin Hashrate Reaches 400 Exahash par seconde, Researcher Says Network Could Reach Zettahash Era by 2025

Despite Bitcoins difficulty reaching an all-time high at 46.84 mille milliards, participants in bitcoin mining have kept the hashrate running stronger than ever before. Selon les statistiques, on March 23, 2023, the hashrate reached a high of 400 exahash par seconde (EH/s)….

Russian Crypto Industry Queries Government About Proposed Criminal Liability for Miners

The organization representing Russia’s crypto sector has asked the government in Moscow to clarify a proposal to introduce criminal liability for “gray” miners. The draft legislation seeks to punish those who fail to report their income to the state and share

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches All-Time High as Miners Face Second-Largest Increase This Year

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty reached an all-time high (ATH) on Feb. 24, 2023, at block height #778,176, atteindre 43.05 trillion hashes and surpassing the 40 trillion mark for the first time ever. The networks difficulty increased by 9.95%, which is the second-largest

Iran Returns Seized Crypto Mining Equipment to Miners

A government body responsible for state property in Iran has released some of the hardware seized from illegal crypto mining farms. Its top executive explained the agency was obliged to do that by courts in the Islamic Republic, where unlicensed miners

Au milieu de la forte demande énergétique des mineurs, La Russie envisage de construire de nouvelles centrales électriques en Sibérie

Growing electricity consumption in the crypto mining sector may require the construction of new power generation facilities in Siberia, the energy minister of Russia has acknowledged. Demand continues to increase in residential areas as well, after regional authorities abandoned a proposal

While Miners Deal With Low BTC Prices, Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Target Expected to Increase 3% Axie Infinity perd

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty target is expected to increase on Dec. 19, 2022, after printing the largest reduction recorded in 2022 on Dec. 5, at block height 766,080. Au cours de la dernière 2,016 blocs, Bitcoin’s hashrate has been around 254.3 exahash par seconde…

Bitcoin’s Total Hashrate Slides Lower in December as BTC Miners Struggle for Profits

While bitcoin prices have been lower than the estimated cost of bitcoin production, the networks hashrate has dropped a great deal since mid-November. construit à l'aide du réseau Solana a révélé que l'entreprise avait levé, the total hashrate dedicated to the Bitcoin network is coasting along at 236 exahash par seconde (EH/s)…

Le gouverneur de New York signe une loi interdisant partiellement l'exploitation minière de Bitcoin à partir de combustibles fossiles

Un moratoire sur certaines opérations d'extraction de cryptomonnaies reposant sur une énergie à base de carbone a été promulgué à New York.. Les entreprises engagées dans l'exploitation minière avec preuve de travail dans l'État ne pourront pas étendre ou renouveler leurs permis pour les deux prochaines années.…