Okx présente un nouveau marché des ordinaux au milieu de l'inscription Bitcoin et du buzz BRC20

BK, the crypto firm Okx announced the launch of a new Ordinals marketplace. The platform is accessible via the Okx Wallet and will enable users to mint and trade Ordinal inscriptions and BRC20 tokens. While the Ordinals marketplace is still

Warren Buffett compare Bitcoin au jeu et aux chaînes de lettres dans une récente interview

Le magnat de la finance Warren Buffett, l'un des investisseurs les plus prospères de l'histoire, a discuté du bitcoin lors d'une interview sur CNBC’s Squawk Box en avril 12. Comme il l'a fait lors d'entretiens précédents, le magnat des affaires a comparé le bitcoin à un système de jeu et…

La difficulté du Bitcoin atteint un nouveau record après une quatrième augmentation consécutive

En avril 6, 2023, La difficulté du Bitcoin a augmenté 2.23% plus haut à la hauteur du bloc 784,224, toucher un autre sommet historique. C'est la quatrième augmentation consécutive de la difficulté sur le réseau Bitcoin depuis février. 24, et la difficulté actuelle du protocole est 47.89 mille milliards, ce qui est seulement…

Approches de réduction de moitié du Bitcoin: Moins que 400 Jours avant que la subvention de récompense globale soit réduite de moitié

According to current statistics, the Bitcoin network is fewer than 56,000 blocks away and less than 400 days away from the next reward halving. After the next halving, the block reward will be reduced by 50%, and the current block subsidy

Trezor Takes Control of Chip Production for Enhanced Security and Faster Production Time

Trezor, the manufacturer of crypto hardware wallets, has announced that it will take control of its wallet chip production process by producing its own silicon chips. The company states that the newly designedchip wrapperwill enhance device security and considerably

Former Cohasset High School Employee Accused of Stealing Thousands in Electricity to Mine Bitcoin in School Campus Crawlspace

A former school assistant facilities director in Cohasset, Massachusetts, has been accused of operating a cryptocurrency mining operation inside a crawlspace at Cohasset High School. The Cohasset Police Department alleges that Nadeam Nahas stole nearly $18,000 in electricity to power the

Année difficile pour les mineurs de Bitcoin car moins de plates-formes minières BTC sont rentables aux prix actuels

Bitcoin miners have had a challenging year as the networks mining difficulty reached an all-time high and the spot market price of bitcoin dropped below the cost of production. Actuellement, with electricity costs at $0.07 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), only 18 application-specific

BTC, ETH, IL Y A, BNB classé les actifs cryptographiques les plus surveillés en 2022

Aujourd'hui’s top ten crypto assets make up a large portion of the crypto economys current $797.95 billion value on Dec. 29, 2022, and many of them are some of the most popular digital currencies today. While coin market capitalization aggregation sites

While Miners Deal With Low BTC Prices, Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Target Expected to Increase 3% Axie Infinity perd

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty target is expected to increase on Dec. 19, 2022, after printing the largest reduction recorded in 2022 on Dec. 5, at block height 766,080. Au cours de la dernière 2,016 blocs, Bitcoin’s hashrate has been around 254.3 exahash par seconde…

Binance and Crypto.com Publish Proof-of-Reserve Audits Conducted by Global Auditor Mazars Group

This week two cryptocurrency exchanges provided proof-of-reserves in order to highlight that the trading platforms are backing customer assets 1:1. Binance published its report on Dec. 7, 2022, and detailed the global auditor Mazars Group conducted the audit. En décembre. 9,…