Smart Contract Tokens, Defi Economy See Strong Growth, Market Capitalization Swells by $78 Billion in 30 Päevad

Smart contract tokens and the decentralized finance economy have been on a tear during the last month, gaining against the U.S. dollarit. The market capitalization of the smart contract platform token economy has swelled by $78 billion over the last 30

NFT Sales Jumped 22% Higher This Month With $568 Million in NFTs Sold Across 20 Blockchains

Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have shown improvement during the last month as 30-day statistics show NFT sales are up 22.37% higher than the month prior. Viimase seitsme päeva jooksul, NFT sales are up 5.13% higher than the week before. Lisaks,…

Terra kokkuvarisemine jätkab katk Defi - väärtus on lukustatud Cross-Chain Bridges alla 20% See kuu

Pärast Terra plokiahela fiasko tagajärgi, detsentraliseeritud rahandus (defi) continues to feel the impact of the projects fallout. Viimase nelja päeva jooksul on koguväärtus lukustatud (TVL) in defi on langenud 2.61% väärtuses, and cross-chain bridges have

Weekly NFT Sales Continue to Slide, Google Trends Data Shows NFT Queries Down 45% sisse 30 Päevad

Following a lackluster week that saw non-fungible token (NFT) sales slip by 29.35% last week, the last seven days of NFT sales have dropped further losing more than 7%. Out of 12 different NFT-supporting blockchains, Solana was the only gainer, sisse…

Vaatamata krüptohindade langusele, Iganädalane NFT müügiulatus $4.7 Miljardit, Kasvav 81%

While crypto markets shed billions during the last seven days, non-fungible token asset sales are still up 81% since last week. Statistics indicate $4.7 billion in NFT sales were settled in seven days among 326,733 buyers, and Ethereum saw a continued

Aruanne: Ronin Sidechain Processed 560% More Total Transactions Than Ethereum Last November

The blockchain-powered game Axie Infinity has been a very popular application during the last 12 kuud, as the games NFTs have outpaced every NFT collection today in terms of all-time sales. While Axie Infinity has seen $3.85 billion in all-time sales,…

Väärtus lukustatud Defi slips 10% sisse 4 Päevad, Ethereum TVL Dominates at 58%

Neli päeva tagasi, the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) was coasting along at $255.84 billion and since then, the TVL has dropped ​​8.55% väärtuses. During the last 24 tundi, the TVL has slid 2.80%, and Curves $23

Value Locked in Defi Continues to Slide, ETH Defi Dominates by 65%, Solana Transactions Reign

The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance has slid 15.63% since the metrics all-time high of $275 billion sixteen days ago on December 1. Since the end of the first week of December, TVL on maas 7.19% lower with