Latam Insights: Boliivia otsib kaubanduslike arvelduste jaoks Hiina jüaani, Steve Hanke pakub välja 30-päevase lahenduse Venezuela inflatsioonile

Tere tulemast Latam Insightsi, kokkuvõte viimase nädala kõige olulisematest krüpto- ja majandusarengu uudistest Ladina-Ameerikast. Selles numbris, Boliivia kaalub rahvusvahelistes kaubandusarveldustes Hiina jüaani kasutamist, inflatsioon jõuab 108.8% Argentinas, ja…

President Raisi kutsub Iraani Keskpanka üles loobuma USA dollari kasutamisest, Üleminek riiklikele valuutadele

Iraani president Ebrahim Raisi kutsus Iraani keskpanka üles panema aluse USA-st loobumiseks.. dollarit kahepoolsete kaubandusarvelduste jaoks ja muuta üleminek Iraanile võimaluse korral reaalseks. The Central Bank

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov States De-Dollarization ‘Can No Longer Be Stopped’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has spoken on the current shift to national currencies and the de-dollarization international markets are currently experiencing. In a press conference after addressing the UN Security Council on April 25, Lavrov stated this shift could not

Russia to Increase Reliance on National Currencies in Energy Trade, Vows to Move Away From the US Dollar

Russia will increase its reliance on national currencies to settle payments for its energy resources, moving away from the US dollar, according to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. Novak noted there is a great interest in acquiring Russian energy resources,…

Economist and Political Scientist Refute Claims of US Dollar’s Demise Despite Trend of De-Dollarization News

Sellel aastal, there has been a flurry of news reports and opinion editorials discussing an alleged de-dollarization trend amid a wave of disclosures associated with the BRICS bloc. In a recent article, the American political scientist and author Ian Bremmer insisted

Brazil and China Deepen Trade Integration to Move Away From US Dollar, as First Yuan-Based Settlement Is Processed

Brazil and China have reached a milestone in their economic integration, as the first bilateral settlement in Chinese yuan was completed ahead of the visit of President Luis InacioLulada Silva to China. The settlement, which was processed by the

Analysts Weigh In on BRICS Currency as Tool to Face US Dollar-Based Sanctions

Analysts have begun considering using a future BRICS currency to sidestep U.S. sanctions and the dollar’s influence in international markets. While the rise of the U.S. dollar was significant to spur an era of economic growth after World War II, a…

French President Emmanuel Macron States Europe Must Reduce Its Dependence on the US Dollar to Avoid Becoming ‘Vassals’

Emmanuel Macron, president of France, clarified his position on the future of Europe and its relations with China and the U.S. in the short term. Returning from his visit to Beijing, Macron believes that Europe should avoid getting caught up in

Dollar mängib oma relvastamise tõttu väiksemat rolli, Digitaalsed valuutad, Majandusteadlane Jeffrey Sachs ütleb

Järgmise kümnendi jooksul, USA. dollar mängib palju vähem domineerivat rolli kui praegu, Jeffrey Sachsi sõnul. Tunnustatud majandusteadlane loetles mõned tegurid, mis tingisid dollari staatuse vähenemise, näiteks selle kasutamise…

China Ready to Talk Asian Monetary Fund to Cut Dollar Dependence, Malaysia Says

An idea to establish an Asian Monetary Fund has caught the attention of the Chinese leadership, the head of the Malaysian government revealed. The prime minister believes there is no reason for his country, which is hurting from a strong U.S….