Terra Proposal Seeks to Expand UST Stablecoin to 5 Different Defi Protocols

En enero 6, Terra Research announced a proposal to expand the networks stablecoin asset terrausd (UST) across a number of different protocols on Polygon, Etéreo, and Solana. Tierra’s governance blog post discusses how the proposal to leverage $139 million of UST

Value Locked in Defi Slips 10% en 4 Días, Ethereum TVL Dominates at 58%

Four days ago, the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (definitivamente) was coasting along at $255.84 billion and since then, the TVL has dropped ​​8.55% en valor. Durante el último 24 horas, the TVL has slid 2.80%, and Curves $23