Prüfbericht: Federal Prosecutors in New York Probe Digital Currency Group and Subsidiary Genesis

Following accusations from Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss in an open letter to Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert, a report citingpeople familiar with the matterstates that federal prosecutors from New York are scrutinizing transfers between Digital Currency Group and

Ein unbekannter Bergmann befiehlt mehr als 51% von BSVs Hashpower, Aufeinanderfolgende Zeichenfolgen aus leeren Blöcken machen die Kette unzuverlässig

A single miner has managed to overtake a large portion of the Bitcoinsv (Bitcoin Satoshis Vision) blockchain capturing more than 80% of the hashrate on October 17. Heute, the unknown miners hashpower commands around 54% of the Bitcoinsvs computational power and

Der in Lido gebundene Wert steigt vor der Fusion von Ethereum, LDO-Token-Sprünge 23% Höher drin 7 Tage

In eight days Ethereum is planning to undergo one of the most intensive upgrades since the DAO hard fork in 2016, as The Merge aims to change the networks consensus mechanism from proof-of-work (PoW) zum Proof-of-Stake (Schild). Amid the lead-up to

FTX to Help Voyager Customers, CEO Says Firm Willing to Deploy ‘Hundreds of Millions’ to Help Crypto Industry

The founder and CEO of the leading exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried has offered to give early liquidity to Voyager Digitals customers, according to an announcement FTX published on July 22. Außerdem, Bankman-Fried discussed the crypto industry with CNBC in an exclusive

Etoro begrenzt Cardano- und Tron-Dienste in den USA aufgrund regulatorischer Bedenken

toro, an Israel-based trading platform, has taken action on its platform regarding the trading of cardano and tron. Jetzt, U.S.-based customers will have limited functionality with these cryptocurrencies on the Etoro platform starting in December. Etoro explained in a post that

Dezentraler Indexierungsanbieter führt Serum Markets Analytics ein

Crypto proponents and market observers can now gain insight into Solanas and Serums liquidity infrastructure ecosystem via the analytics and decentralized indexing provider The cross-blockchain computing project says the induction of Serum Markets willhelp surface valuable trading data on