Nasdaq Aims to Launch Crypto Custody Services in Second Quarter

Nasdaq intends to launch its custody services for digital assets like bitcoin by the end of this years second quarter. The exchange operator is among those traditional financial firms that want to play a role as intermediaries in the crypto sector

Ethereum Liquid Staking Trend Continues to Swell; 5 Platforms Control 97% of Market

As of Feb. 7, 2023, the value locked in 11 Ethereum-based liquid staking protocols has risen above $11 Milliarde, with Lido, Coinbase, and Rocket Pool recording 4-10% gains over the past month. Lido holds more than 73% of the total value

Brazilian Exchange Bitpreco to Expand to Banking Services; Bets on Cashback to Counter Crypto Fears

Bitpreco, a Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to extend its functionality to offer banking services through a new platform called Bitybank. Das Unternehmen, which will also open payment and digital account services, plans to attract users to crypto through cashback programs

Vietnam Crypto Miners Complain About Losses From Ethereum’s Merge

Miners in Vietnam have expressed grievances over the loss of business following Ethereums transition to a consensus mechanism that does not require the energy-intensive computing they were providing. Many are in trouble, Lokale Medien berichteten, quoting entrepreneurs and mining enthusiasts. Kryptowährung…

Ethereum’s Post-Merge Transfer Fees Remain Low, Since Mid-May High-Priority ETH Fees Are 93% Cheaper

Following Ethereums transition from proof-of-work (PoW) zum Proof-of-Stake (Schild) on September 15, the blockchain networks transaction fees have been much lower than they were ten days before The Merge. Roughly four months ago on May 13, 2022, high-priority ether transactions could

ETC, RVN, ERGO Hashrate Soars Following The Merge, Large Quantity of Hashpower Awaits ETHW Fork

Ethereum has officially transitioned from a proof-of-work (PoW) network to a proof-of-stake (Schild) system after seven years of operating as a PoW blockchain. The Merge has forced ethereum miners to transition to other PoW-based tokens and after the ruleset change was

4 Crypto Tokens Reap Hashpower From The Merge, ETC Secures Most of the Hashrate Leaving ETH

20 Vor Tagen, a poll was shared on Twitter asking miners where they planned to dedicate their hashrate, after The Merge transitions Ethereum into a proof-of-stake (Schild) Blockchain. The proof-of-work (PoW) contenders at the time were tokens like ravencoin, ergo, flux,…

Der in Lido gebundene Wert steigt vor der Fusion von Ethereum, LDO-Token-Sprünge 23% Höher drin 7 Tage

In eight days Ethereum is planning to undergo one of the most intensive upgrades since the DAO hard fork in 2016, as The Merge aims to change the networks consensus mechanism from proof-of-work (PoW) zum Proof-of-Stake (Schild). Amid the lead-up to

Inmitten der Fusion von Ethereum, Cardano-Gründer Charles Hoskinson sagt, dass Vasil Fork von ADA bald kommt

Der Gründer von Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, erklärte am Freitag, dass die Vasil-Hard-Fork bald kommen wird, und stellte fest, dass sie auftreten könnte “irgendwann im September.” Das Krypto-Asset’s Upgrade wurde von dem bevorstehenden Ethereum-Upgrade namens The Merge überschattet. Vasil Hard

Während die Fusion den Anstieg des Bärenmarktes anführte, Der Hype wurde gelöscht und Ethereum führt jetzt die Rutsche an

Noch etwas mehr als zwei Wochen bis The Merge, Äther’s Wert gegenüber den USA. Der Dollar hat alle Gewinne verloren, die das Krypto-Asset vor dem gehärteten Datum verzeichnet hat. Mitte August, ether managed to climb above the $2K zone but