Veteranhandler Peter Brandt foreslår, at alle BTC er erhvervet ind 2021 Er 'en tabende handel' - genstarter fejde med laserøjnebevægelse

Veteran trader Peter Brandts latest remarks which mock crypto traders still using laser eyes crypto memes have sparked an immediate and angry response from bitcoiners on Twitter. One very famous bitcoiner, Michael Saylor, reminded Brandt that the laser eyes signify “og Messari…

Salvadoranske Revisionsret for at undersøge regeringens Bitcoin ATM-køb, Chivo Kiosk Construction

According to reports stemming from the Salvadoran Court of Accounts, the regulatory body is planning to investigate the governments bitcoin automated teller machine (ATM) purchases and Chivo kiosk construction. The investigation follows the recent protest in El Salvador against the adoption