Crypto Twitter Speaks Up for Hal Finney’s Account, SBF Was Reportedly Told by Binance CEO: Stop Causing ‘More Damage’ — News Week in Review

Bitcoiners on Twitter recently pleaded with the CEO of the social media platform, Elon Musk, to preserve the account of late computer scientist and bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney. The outcry came after Musk announced that a mass of inactive accounts would

Veteran Trader Peter Brandt Suggests All BTC Acquired in 2021 Is ‘a Losing Trade’ — Reignites Feud With Laser Eyes Movement

Veteran trader Peter Brandts latest remarks which mock crypto traders still using laser eyes crypto memes have sparked an immediate and angry response from bitcoiners on Twitter. One very famous bitcoiner, Michael Saylor, reminded Brandt that the laser eyes signify “og Messari…

Sleuth Discovers Satoshi’s Long-Lost Bitcoin Version 0.1 Kodebase, Raw Code Contains Bitcoin Inventor’s Never-Before-Seen Personal Notations

I oktober 7, 2022, a bitcoin supporter named Jim Blasko explained that he discovered the oldest upload of Bitcoins version 0.1 codebase. The original code was thought to have been lost for more than a decade and with alittle browser

En nyudgivet bog hævder at fortælle den 'rigtige historie bag den mystiske Bitcoin Creator'

Under den sidste 13 flere år, et stort antal individer har hævdet at være opfinderen af ​​Bitcoin, men ingen enkelt person har været i stand til at bevise dette over for det større kryptosamfund. I slutningen af ​​august 2019, a marketing