Several Crypto Exchange Websites Taken Down in Kazakhstan

Financial authorities in Kazakhstan have targeted at least five online platforms exchanging cryptocurrencies outside the law. Documents, computer equipment, and cryptocurrency wallets have been seized during searches in the northern part of the country. Kazakhstan’s Financial Watchdog Goes After Unlicensed Crypto

Forslag om oprettelse af russisk kryptobørs cirkuleret i Moskva

Rusland kan etablere en dedikeret børs til at udføre cryptocurrency-transaktioner lokalt, et højtstående medlem af Statsdumaen har foreslået. Den nye platform kan hostes af Moscow Exchange, ifølge Anatoly Aksakov, head of the parliamentary financial market

Thailand Exempts Crypto Transfers From VAT Until End of 2023

Authorities in Thailand have formally introduced a value-added tax (moms) exemption for transfers of cryptocurrencies through government-approved exchanges. The tax break, in force until the end of next year, will also apply to digital currency issued by the Bank of Thailand….

Bank of Russia søger at tillade børser at handle digitale aktiver

Den russiske centralbank har for nylig foreslået at give traditionelle børser tilladelse til at operere på markedet for digitale aktiver. Brancheobservatører siger, at regulatoren sigter mod at give investorer mulighed for at handle kryptovalutaer i et kontrolleret miljø. Russian Stock Exchanges

Serbien anmeldelser licensansøgninger fra 3 Udveksling af kryptovaluta

Three crypto exchanges have applied for licensing in Serbia, which recently adopted legislation regulating its digital asset space. The government in Belgrade expects the companies to obtain authorization within weeks and offer Serbs the option to buy and sell cryptocurrencies legally….

Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Global forlader Kina denne måned

Digital asset exchange Huobi Global has revealed its intention to exit the Chinese Market. The crypto trading platform with Chinese roots said it will stop processing transactions for existing users on the mainland by the end of the year. Huobi Global…

Op til 12 Millioner iranere ejer kryptovaluta, Handlende vælger lokale børser

Cryptocurrencies are a popular investment among Iranians and estimates suggest that the number of those who already own one coin or another may be as high as 12 million. The majority of Iranian traders prefer the services of local crypto exchanges,…

Den store tyrkiske kryptobørs Coinzo lukker ned

Coinzo, one of Turkeys largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is terminating its digital asset trading services. The platform said its website will remain online in the next six months to allow users to withdraw their holdings in cryptocurrency and Turkish fiat money. En anden…

Iranske lovgivere er imod kryptorestriktioner, Ring for støttebestemmelser

Members of the Iranian parliament, the Majlis, have voiced concerns over Tehrans restrictive policies towards innovations such as cryptocurrencies. Following the release of a study recommending a new approach towards the crypto industry, the lawmakers have called for the adoption of

Kinas Hebei-provins begynder at slå ned på kryptominedrift og handel, Rapporter afslører

Authorities in the Chinese province of Hebei have reportedly launched a campaign against cryptocurrency mining and trading. According to a quoted announcement by the regions cyberspace administration, a number of government agencies are working together to prevent the use of the