Crypto Association in Turkey Vows to Block Exchanges That ‘Victimize Traders’

A new organization has been established in Turkey with the aim to monitor and help develop the country’s crypto sector, det rapporterede lokale medier. Its first task will be to address recent problems with some cryptocurrency exchanges and boost confidence in the

Erdogan Suggests Turkish-Russian Payment System, Local Media Reports

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is reportedly pushing for Turkey and Russia to establish a new payment system between them. The initiative comes amid U.S. pressure against the use of the Russian Mir cards in Turkey. Some Turkish banks have been

Den store tyrkiske kryptobørs Coinzo lukker ned

Coinzo, one of Turkeys largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is terminating its digital asset trading services. The platform said its website will remain online in the next six months to allow users to withdraw their holdings in cryptocurrency and Turkish fiat money. En anden…

Tyrkiet er 'i krig' med kryptovaluta, Siger præsident Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has clarified the governments stance on cryptocurrencies, stating that the country is at war with crypto. He emphasized that Turkey will continue with its own currency. A War and a Struggle Against Cryptocurrency Turkish President Recep

Central Bank of Turkey udvider forskning, Forbereder sig på at teste Digital Lira på ny platform

The Turkish central bank has established a new platform together with technology stakeholders to further the development of a digitalized version of the national fiat currency. The new collaboration will allow Turkey to focus on expanding research and conducting tests of