French Lawyer Asks Russian Patriarch to Help Save Alexander Vinnik From ‘Political Trial’ in US

A member of the defense team of the alleged BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik has called on the head of the Russian Orthodox Church to intervene in support of his client. The Russian national may be sentenced to over 50 years in

Crypto Payments Firm Bitpay Adds MATIC Support, Panini America to Accept Polygon Payments

Bitcoin and crypto payment services provider Bitpay has announced that the company now supports the Polygon (MATIC) nätverk. According to the firm, Bitpay app users will be able to store, handel, and spend MATIC later this week, and the collectibles company

L2 Scaling Solution Arbitrum använder Nitro Rollup Stack Migration

Lagret två (L2) skalningslösning Arbitrum avslöjade på onsdagen att teamet har implementerat projektet’s Nitro rollup-stackmigrering. Tidigare den här månaden, Arbitrum-utvecklare noterade att Nitro-migreringen skulle minska nätverksavgifterna och förbättra genomströmningen. Arbitrum Developers Implement