Brazilian Exchange Bitpreco to Expand to Banking Services; Bets on Cashback to Counter Crypto Fears

Bitpreco, a Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to extend its functionality to offer banking services through a new platform called Bitybank. Företaget, which will also open payment and digital account services, plans to attract users to crypto through cashback programs

Brittiska Fintech Revolut beviljade kryptolicens på Cypern

Storbritannien-baserade digitala banken Revolut har auktoriserats av Cypern att tillhandahålla kryptovalutatjänster till miljontals kunder på den gamla kontinenten. The fintech firm says the regulatory approval will allow it to establish a European crypto hub in the island nation….

Sydafrikas Digital Bank Tyme slutför serie B-omgången med ytterligare 70 miljoner USD kapitalanskaffning

Tymebank, a South Africa-based digital bank, recently completed its Series B funding round with $70 million invested in the firm by Tencent and U.K. development financier, CDC Group. Funds to Support Tymes Expansion Into New Markets Tymebank, a digital bank from