Ameriški ekonomisti so zmedeni zaradi "nenavadne situacije", saj je ruski rubelj najbolj uspešna fiat valuta na svetu

Two months after the Russian ruble fell below a U.S. penny, the transcontinental countrys fiat currency is the best performing currency worldwide. American economists are baffled by theunusual situationbecause a country facing stiff sanctions typically sees its fiat currency

ECB Chief: Cryptocurrencies Are ‘Certainly’ Being Used to Circumvent Russian Sanctions

The European Central Bank (ECB) warns cryptocurrencies are being used to evade sanctions by Russians. ECB President Christine Lagarde warns crypto firms against becomingaccomplicesin the crime. ECB President Lagarde Is Certain About Crypto Being Used to Evade Russian Sanctions

Coinbase CEO Says Ordinary Russians Use Crypto as a Lifeline as the Ruble Collapses

The CEO of the Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange Coinbase says ordinary Russians are using cryptocurrency as a lifeline now that their own currency, the ruble, has collapsed. The executive also does not see a high risk of Russian oligarchs using crypto to

Billionaire Bill Miller Shares Current Crypto Outlook: ‘It’s Very Bullish for Bitcoin’

Veteran investor and fund manager Bill Miller explains why he thinks that it is currentlyvery bullish for bitcoin.Miller noted that Russia has almost 50% of its reserves in currencies that are controlled by people who want to do them

Ameriški senator poziva regulatorje, naj povečajo nadzor nad kriptovalutami, saj tvega spodkopavanje sankcij proti Rusiji

ZDA. Senator Elizabeth Warren is worried thatcryptocurrencies risk undermining sanctions against Russia.She urges financial regulatorsto take this threat seriously and increase their scrutiny of digital assets.Senator Elizabeth Warren Worried Russia Could Use Cryptocurrency to Evade Sanctions As