World Bank Predicts 3% Gold Price Growth, Expert Says a $3K per Ounce ‘Is More Likely Than Not’

The World Bank has said it expects the price of gold to rise by 3% v 2022 but warned the price might fall sharply if the Russian central bank decides to offload large quantities of the commodity. The Russian Factor After

Sredi najvišje inflacije v ZDA v 40 leta, Bidnova administracija za naraščajoče cene krivi ladijski promet

During the last few months, inflation has risen significantly in the United States as it has climbed at its fastest pace since 1982. Data shows younger families with children have been struggling to make ends meet, while reports further indicate retirees

Data Shows Global Financial Conditions Tightest in 2 leta, Shaky Bond Markets Point to Long-Run Inflation

At the end of the trading day on Monday, Wall Street was roiled once again as major stocks plunged during the days trading sessions. Most news outlets indicate the Russia-Ukraine war is causing the bleak outlook and reports show strained financial

Billionaire Bill Miller Shares Current Crypto Outlook: ‘It’s Very Bullish for Bitcoin’

Veteran investor and fund manager Bill Miller explains why he thinks that it is currentlyvery bullish for bitcoin.Miller noted that Russia has almost 50% of its reserves in currencies that are controlled by people who want to do them